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Nickie Nina

Nickie and Nina are two sisters with an indisputable flair for fashion. The two designers together form an impressive team behind the Lahore based house of haute couture. The due work with a variety of fabrics and what truly sets them apart is the innovative way they combine two or more textures in a single garment. Similarly, they mix bright and subtle hues in a unique fusion of colour displaying a fine-tuned aesthetic sense. Wasli, karchob, zardozi, silk threads, precious and semi-precious stones are used in fascinating combinations to create unusual and distinctive garments.

2014 Latest Nickie Nina Bridal Collection
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Nickie Nina Rumi to Raj Collection at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2014 Day 3

2014 Latest Nickie Nina Bridal Collection

2014 Bridal Nickie Nina PFDC Collection


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