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Today the Design director, together with her creativity and acute work ethics makes an outstanding combination to head the fashion house. Strictly professional and exceptionally she is taking Karma to places Pakistani designers have seldom seen. Her vision for Karma exceeds territorial boundaries and goes beyond simply dressing up women.

Maheen Ali
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Maheen Ali


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May 27th, 2012 10:29 AM by Ummi

I am one of the admirer of 'karma' with one complaint. May be Maheen unaware of that attituide, on which her reception staff is acting. They ban the persons to visit again who are unable to order anything on their previous visits. I will request her to check it. Nodoubt that now she is the" queen of Karma'" but to be "queen of fashion industry" her staff needs the training of HSY group. They never change their behavior even they know that the particular person is not going to order anything. Even HSY himself is very humble person. You are in market where you are selling your creativity some can afford or others cannot afford but they have right to visit, if possible then buy according to their choice and budget. It is no ego problem of your staff.

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