Win an Exciting Prize from Garnier

Win an Exciting Prize from Garnier

Garnier is a worldwide brand affiliated with 23 other brands owned by L'Oréal and has grown into becoming one of the world’s leading producers of natural, affordable and accessible hair care and skin care products.

The brand’s innovative beauty products have always been inspired by the science and power of nature and many are enriched with naturally sourced ingredients.

Garnier has a rich global tradition of cultivating local spokespersons from the world of arts, fashion and beauty and to complement this tradition they are represented by dynamic actress and celebrated television host Juggun Kazim in Pakistan. The seasoned actress’ natural beauty, flair, professionalism and sense of social and civic responsibility make her a natural choice for Garnier.

For Garnier, beauty is within us all. Everyone possesses their own natural beauty and everyone has the power to make that beauty shine through. It’s about taking care.

Congratulations to Namra Shahid from Lahore on winning the "Win an Exciting Prize from Garnier"

We are pleased to announce that Namra Shahid from Lahore has won the "Win an Exciting Prize from Garnier" in the competition exclusively at Fashion Central.

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Question#1: Which of these colors do you wish was your natural hair color?

   Brownie Chocolate

   Chestnut Brown

   Dark Blonde

Correct Answer: A


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