Win an Exclusive Capri Gift Hamper

Win an Exclusive Capri Gift Hamper

Hello friends! with a long standing history in the beauty industry with their famous soaps, Capri has been caring for Pakistani women since its inception in 1969. Over the decades, Capri’s name has become synonymous with beauty and care and the brand prides itself for taking the natural routes to beautiful and young skin.

Capri’s vision goes beyond personal care with a brand philosophy that embraces the attributes of genuine care, endeavouring to empower women with confidence. Capri values spirited and confident women of substance; women who have the power to overcome adversity or to succeed in whatever they chose.  Capri seeks to promote this spirit of courage and confidence for the fulfilment of every woman’s dreams.

The range includes four variations of the iconic soap; Capri White, Capri Pink, Capri Blue and Capri Green. With the addition of two Hand Wash offerings, Capri has extended its product line as a natural progression and evolution for the brand.

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We are pleased to announce that Saniya zubair from Rawalpindi has won the "Win an Exclusive Capri Gift Hamper" in the competition exclusively at Fashion Central.

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Question#1: What are the three ingredients of Capri Pink?

   Strawberry, Milk Protein Extracts and Cherries

   Milk Protein Extracts, Apples and Wild Orchids

   Rose Petal, Strawberry and Milk Protein Extracts

Correct Answer: C


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