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Men’s hair style

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2010 brings forward amazing men’s hair styles which are of a school boy and of a rocker. The school boy look carries the 20th century limelight whereas the rocker finds it roots in 19th century British looks. 2010 offers a runway collection among these two categories giving a classical and stylish look of hair styles.

The fringe look: 2010 begins with the fringe look among men. This men’s style begins with close to eyebrow length cut and can be straightened with iron. It can also be called a ‘Caesar cut or Clooney cut’ as it reflects the regency era.

The Slick Fringe Look: This hair style is more of a George Clooney way and it is more common among men with black hair. This slick fringe look is more of a classical kind and if you want to slick back than you should slick the hair back to suit your hair.

The Classic Part: For a perfect men’s hair style in black, avoid doing central parting and rely more on traditional men’s style. Still there are plenty of options still abound. It is more of actor Cary Grant and The Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor hair style. As with styling the slick back, the trick here is to find a part that suits your face shape.



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