Men’s Hairstyles 2011

mens hairstyles 2011

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Men’s hairstyles 2011 are all about keeping cool. There are number of hairstyles which can be counted in summer hairstyles for men like Ryan Gosling’s hairstyle, Front Wave hairstyle and Square and Trendy zigzags.

2010 hairstyles for men were all about looking as polished as possible. For those who hated the “side part” will be pleased to know that men’s hairstyles 2011 are all about keeping it cool. Which also means that you no longer need to be stressed out because of waves in your hair and you don’t have to rush to the barber after every 10 days.

Summer hairstyles for men obviously mean that you don’t want to have them too long and would prefer to have them out of the way. Ryan Gosling’s hairstyle can be a very good example of summer hairstyles for men. The 2010’s side part has been given a piecey look in 2011. You side part doesn’t have to look like you used a ruler to part it. Use some hair wax and give your hair a rogue look.

Were you an admirer of Front Wave hairstyle which was so commonly seen in old movies of the 1980’s? Well, men’s hairstyles 2011 is bringing it back! Mark Wehlberg has really carried this hairstyle in a classic way. The wind-swept look makes gives you a look which no other hairstyle can.

This is also one of the summer hairstyles for men because you need medium length hair for it. You can give your hair this look by applying mousse on them while they are wet and shaping them with the help of a blow dryer and your fingers.

Summer hairstyles for men have also brought some hair do’s for formal settings. One these trendy men’s hairstyles 2011 is an elegant front wave combined with a slightly wet hair look. Gel is the right hair product for this hairstyle and it goes well with dressy attire like formal suits. Use a comb to give your hair a perfect front wave and nail one of the best men’s hairstyles 2011.

The hottest summer hairstyles for men among blacks are Square and Trendy zigzags. Black men can have their hair cropped short in a perfectly square shape. This is one of the best summer hairstyles for men. This hairstyle is another come back from the 1950’s and you can also check out Jon Jone’s haircut to have a fair idea of this trend. This hairstyle gives you masculine look!

You can also ask your barber to draw asymmetrical or zigzagged lines on your cropped hair. This looks super cool on blacks!

If you are crazy about long hair and don’t care about the heat then go for the one similar to James Franco’s. Let your hair grow, grow, grow! Ask your barber to give layers to your hairs and you are all set! Use wax if your hair are thick and mousse if your hair look a little lanky. Separate strands and let them look cool in an un-kempt sort of a way. Men’s hairstyles 2011 is all about keeping it cool!


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