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Everyone dreads the wedding day. The person getting married is a nervous wreck as well as the designer who is supposed to make them look the most beautiful bride or the most dashing groom ever!

Sami Yusuf, a standup comedian from Karachi, who visited Lahore last month aptly pointed out; everyone’s a designer in Lahore. This may be true but when it comes to female adornments, but when it comes to dressing up Pakistani men, many fail. It’s difficult to look chic as well traditional for any men in daily routine let alone on their d-day.

Are you sick of hearing about your bride’s mishaps with her clothes and cannot believe that your mom is more interested in how her daughter in law will look than you, even though it is ‘the most important day of your life! Don’t panic, don’t scream at your domestic help and please don’t kick your dog. Just breathe and read on about how we inform you about the latest cuts and colors for Pakistani men that will make them *pause for dramatic effect* the most dashing groom ever!

Fashion Central has delved into the overwhelming fashion industry and handpicked those who do it these best for grooms to be.

Bold colors, experimental bottoms and dull work are in for the boys this year. We begin with the new blood; Emraan Rajput. Rajput showcased his collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2010. His fusion of modern colors and cuts with maintaining the ethnic tone is a breath of fresh air. This new entry into the saturated market has won much appreciation. Groom’s to be should definitely explore his creations as he caters to all. He uses bold colors on the sherwanis mixing them with interesting lowers such has a dhoti shalwar, straight pants and a pleated shalwar.

Deepak Perwani this year has straight banarasi sherwani’s with dull dabka work in contrasting colours and shawls matching with the bride’s outfit. This is a trend which must go. You should compliment your wives but don’t do it through wardrobe.

Amir Adan this year has more of a Mughal theme going. He has added curves and slight fitting to the sherwani’s in his collection this year. Adnan also has an interesting way of adding work in the corners of the sherwani. His collection is definitely something you need to look at.

Moving on from the traditional looking bridegroom many men like to wear a dandy look. 2010 is the year to wear your three piece suits. Boss this year showcased an interesting combination by matching the collar and tie with the suit. Slight fitting is definitely what you want your suits to be but don’t make them dull. Make sure you add a splash of color. For instance you could have a beige suit with a auburn shirt and a champing brown tie and handkerchief tucked in the breast pocket. The eternal classic tux is very much seen everywhere in 2010, but not everyone is Rahul Khanna and pull them off.

Pakistani grooms, this is your guide to looking the best on your wedding day. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear and stick to your roots.


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