Blackberry wars; and the consequence of a Job-less Apple!

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While little must be told about a cliché invention what we are more interested in is the clash of the titans as Blackberry and Apple’s I-phone battle for the title of the supreme service provider. While Blackberry has slowly taken over the corporate world as well as catered to more of the professional category Apple has broadly appealed to fun lovers due to its vast collection of games and fun filled applications. 

Blackberry now offers a vast variety of cellular phones that are not just phones but outstanding gadgets on the whole. From the plain and simple Blackberry pearl, that appears as a normal cellular phone with 4x3 buttons. Moving on the Blackberry Curve and the Blackberry Bold are although similar in much of the general design but vary vibrantly when it comes to processors, esthetics and design. The Torch and the new Blackberry Bold have the added perspective of a touch screen. This has now jumped beyond the line which Apple’s I phone had drawn defying all the flaws of touch screen technology. 

While the I phone has reigned recently with its touch screen technology, Blackberry stepping on to their turf will now question whether the next I phone will come with buttons or defy any of our belief and come with retina assisted movement. 

The fact that has widely bewildered gadget lovers for the past few days however, is how the loss of Apple’s founder and the genius mind behind the creation of the I phone, Steve Jobs is going to affect the outcome of recent apple products. Another controversy that has widely upset Blackberry users has been the recent bugs in the messenger which caused a global service failure pertaining to a wide population of Blackberry users. Many of them found that their lives had stalled. 

While relying on gadgets seems to be a scary thought, we can’t deny that any one of us can do without them. The recent events has got us on our toes as we all anticipate what Apple does to blow our minds with the release of their latest cellular phone gadget.


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