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Samsung has unveiled a variety of accessories and Samsung game pad is one of them which have many features. This new device Samsung game pad will allow it users to enjoy games in a new and unique way. This is an extremely powerful device that connects wir

To put it in a nutshell, the flask tie would make for the ideal piece in your wardrobe with an additional advantage of hidden removable pouch having a drink. It is affordable and available in different colors. If you want to give a present to your loved o

Epiphany One Puck is a unique gadget that charges you and your phone at the same time. It is a small coaster with nice modern design to help you charge your phone. You just have to put your beverage whether cold or hot on the top of this coaster; it will

Gentlemen’s personal barber is a new device that makes you look best by trimming your hair by yourself. It consumes only three minutes and trims your hair quickly. It comprises of a number of characteristics which distinguish it from other trimmers. It

Pools are often the part of a larger leisure center or recreational complex. This recreation can be doubled by listening to music besides swimming. Take a look at wireless floating pool speaker. If you have pool and want to listen to music while relaxing

Modern inventions have made our life easy and wearcom jeans is one of them. It is specially designed for iPhone and other touch gadgets. You can easily interact with your cell phone through the see-through pocket that is specially designed for its easy a

StickNfindis a magical tool to help you locate your goods by tagging them with Bluetooth

No need to be pestered with the tea or coffee stirring or removing the congealed cream, self-stirring mug saves your day with auto-stirring simplicity.

Perfect time of the year to buy the internet meme – The Lol Santa – and give your kids the unforgettable memories.

Forget the nuisance of finding the ball each time you hit a long shot in golf and let Golf-ball Finder Glasses do the job for you.