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The 9th generation new Honda accord revised 2016 version with more specs and technology is finally out in the market.

Below Zagato Maserati's carbon fiber bodywork, the car is planted on a carbon fiber monocell secured to a rear subframe and tubular steel mid-frame.

Supercar Falcon F7

The Falcon F7 has yet to stir the supercar waters, probably because it has no speed records or thousands of horsepower attached to its name.

200mph 'baby' Bentley fit for a 21st century James Bond. It's the new and stylish luxury car around these days.

The car-buying patriots have extreme love for American cars . Here we mentioned top 10 best cars, made in the USA listed by vehicle type.

Vanquish Carbon special Edition in fascinating theme is launched in Ultimate Grand Tourer.

2015 first ever laser powered car Chevrolet 240 mph, take a glimpse of the future of racing cars.

Here is a review of McLaren P1 GTR - Car Design Concept for our viewers. Forget Ferrari go for McLaren now.

Upcoming Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars reduce air pollution. They use less fuel than the normal cars. Hybrid car engines are more efficient and are smaller in size than the other car engines.

BMW has taken the wraps off its new 2 door cabriolet before its endorsed debut at Paris Motor Event in October.

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