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Cold Weather Fixes

Cold weather fixes for men should be to drink lot of water so that the body gets hydrated and moisturize your skin as much as you can.

The Massachusetts-based firm Terrafugia announced Transition design, which is part sedan, part private jet with two seats, four wheels. Now you can also fly in air sitting in a car.

This winter brings in stylish coats with new trends and styles. In fact, coats never go out of the fashion. The game is all about changing trends and fashion. Trends and styles vary in outfits.

Treadmill offers your great workout at home. Walking on treadmill seems to be easy but do you know that you are making mistakes as you run on the treadmill and these mistakes are messing with your workout? To get great workout, it is vital to know about t

Boil water for making tea or coffee from anywhere in your home by just one click of your smart phone. Here is a smart kettle for all lazy coffee and tea drinkers. Boiling water for morning tea from comfortable bed is not a joke anymore with the help of sm

Dandruff is not a life threatening condition but the people get worry about How to prevent dandruff and takes steps those can control the situation and protect their hairs from dandruff.

Version for its Aventador supercar, the guys over DMC decided to develop their own SV version for the supercar, except that for them “SV” stands for “Special Version”.

There are loads of ways by which you can make yourself look beautiful. The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind so thinking about your own body shape and physique over all. The color of yours also matters in selecting the color that you w

There is a lot of effort that most of the people out there put in to get themselves fit, stronger and healthier. For this purpose, one of the most adapted techniques is doing a workout but you should be aware that there are certain foods that you should n

As 2014 dawns and we are entering cautiously into the dazzling lights of another New Year, the natural response is to take stash, assess the passing of 2013 and make plans for coming months ahead.