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Version for its Aventador supercar, the guys over DMC decided to develop their own SV version for the supercar, except that for them “SV” stands for “Special Version”.

There are loads of ways by which you can make yourself look beautiful. The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind so thinking about your own body shape and physique over all. The color of yours also matters in selecting the color that you w

There is a lot of effort that most of the people out there put in to get themselves fit, stronger and healthier. For this purpose, one of the most adapted techniques is doing a workout but you should be aware that there are certain foods that you should n

As 2014 dawns and we are entering cautiously into the dazzling lights of another New Year, the natural response is to take stash, assess the passing of 2013 and make plans for coming months ahead.

Christmas is such an event on which everyone wants to look elegant and more stylish. When it comes to dress up for your special office Christmas party get into the Christmas charisma by adding touches of fabulous fabrics to your outfit.

Everybody loves to have a greater IQ and for that, most of the people try to opt different kinds of methods and habits, but there are some habits that kill your intelligence instead of making it more or enhancing it, so you should try to avoid these kinds

Foldylock is a small, portable and practical gadget that is especially designed for the owners of bikes and bicycles who often face the fear of theft of bike too often. It is different from other commonly used bike folding locks. What are the characterist

Acne can be very frustrating for the people who have to go through it and can make them miserable at times as well. Same kind of case goes in the time of having Bacne. This also not only makes your body looks bad but also make you worried.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a car enthusiast, so we decided to come up with the five hottest supercars, automakers will unveil over the next coming years.

Winter season has set inn. Are you prepared for the winter styles and trends? Along with coats, blazers, shrugs- wool tie is also a common trend of winter so you need to make a wool tie work for you.