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Should Girls Be Taught Differently When It Comes To Money?

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Should Girls Be Taught Differently When It Comes To Money?

Posted on May 11th, 2012 | Comments (0)
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Money is among the vitals of life. No matter what social setup or class you belong to, you cannot lead your life without money. Money has become a necessity for each and every aspect of life. But since earning money is not that easy, so it should be spent with utmost care, so as not to waste it unnecessarily. It is always essential and recommended that money should be spent keeping in mind the available funds, budgeting and prioritizing the necessities of life.

For proper allocation of money to carry out all the needs and desires of life, it is really important that we teach the kids from an early age how to spend the money. They should be taught that they should prioritize what they want and how they should they manage their funds. For this, there are a few reasons for which girls should be taught differently than the boys about money matters. Let’s see how:
  • Girls are the home makers
Boys are no doubt the bread winners, but the girls are the home makers. They manage the funds of the whole household and take care of everything; from the food to the bills and other overheads. So they should be taught differently about the budget management and allocation of the money.
  • Girls can bargain
Girls have the ability to bargain better than the boys. They do the grocery, pay the bills, do for the laundry, hire the helpers for the housekeeping and manage other money matters of the house. Since they have to manage so many expenditures at the same time, then they need to bargain whenever they get a chance; and the best thing is; they keep looking for such chances!
  • Girls know how to save money
Since the girls take care of the whole household and sometimes, they also go out to earn, they often find out the chances to save the money. Unlike boys, they tend to manage the expenditures and cut down the spending at many places, and overlook the desires and wants over needs and necessities for a better budget management.
  • Girls can prioritize among needs and desires
A woman has the ability to think about many things at the same time. She keeps in mind all the current and upcoming happenings and the expenditures associated with them. She, therefore, has a better understanding about categorizing the needs, wants and desires. She manages them in a better way so that nothing misses out and everything keeps within the budget.

Although both boys and girls should be taught how to manage their funds from an early age, however, there are a few things about money matters that girls have a better understanding about and can take care of them in a better way than boys.

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