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5 Fun Decor Ideas For Garden Parties

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Posted on Sep 19th, 2012 | Comments (0)
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Over the years, more and more people have started to spend good deal of time outside as they seek relaxation and entertainment. Garden decoration seems like a wonderful idea to add to the overall dreamy effect. And while there are hundreds of decorating ideas, choosing a select few to go with your preference can be really daunting. Before you fret out, you might want to check out our tips that suit your budget and preference.

1. The first thing that is needed more than anything else is creativity on your part. You do not need to spend mounds of money to decorate your garden. Just smart thinking will suffice. Heard of ribbons, we all have, right?  Cut the ribbon in various size and shapes and fix them on wood logs around the yard. You can decorate the entrance to your lawn with mini ribbon maypoles that flutter with wind. This will give a lively feel to the garden ambience.

2. While arranging a garden party, nothing can be more intriguing than bonfire. It is a guaranteed tip to add fun and a push-start to great casual conversation. An interesting tip is to have family around and ask them to write their problems they want to rid themselves of. Then together, have them throw the paper slips into the fire, symbolizing the disappearance of worries.

3. Make the garden beautiful and scented by placing pots and plants around it in an appealing way. Pottery is affordable and if done right, it makes your garden look great for many years to come. Huddle together a number of pots in all the corners of the garden with good light arrangement.

4. Appropriate lighting is extremely important and is the main highlight of a night party. There is a large variety of garden-themed lights to choose from. Garden decorations such as statues, Chinese plaques and symbols look absolutely stunning. Together, these all liven up the mood of your garden.

5. Last but not the least; birdbaths are an excellent outdoor garden decoration idea. Nothing can be more beautiful than the nearness to nature. The feel adds to the liveliness of a party.

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