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Decor Your Porches

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Decor Your Porches

Posted on Sep 4th, 2012 | Comments (0)
Home Decor

Years ago the porch was the “living room” of the houses. It was the social place to converse with your neighbors, cool off in summer and watch kids as they played in the front yard of your home. Porch swings and glasses of lemonade became symbols of relaxation and taking time to enjoy life outside.

As houses and neighborhoods evolved, families began taking their activities inside and to backyards, and the porch became less important in your lives. Now the porch making a comeback as homeowners look for more outdoor living spaces and a welcoming change into the house, if your are ignoring your porch for years, and now want to make it useful follow these simple ideas.

Porch decoration ideas

  • Give your porch an affordable decorating makeover with budget-smart ideas, and add your own personal touch with easy art projects, like mix the shades in curtains, use your skills in porch decoration.
  • In porch decoration as an alternative of a single sofa or two chairs facing out, try situating two love seats in porch set at an angle or across from each other. This helps create a spot perfect for casual conversation.
  • Protect your porch from the sun heat with flowing curtains. They not only do offer privacy, but curtains are an easy way to incorporate color and pattern in your porch decoration.
  • Add a piece of rug, a rug always completes any room, indoors or out by giving it that homey touch to any place. Depending on your porch an outdoor rug might be the best choice in your porch decoration.
  • In you porch decoration, use bauble duty furniture. Double duty furniture are in and they always a smart purchase. You can use deck box which is easily available in markets might works as an end table and also a clever stash for games, books and other porch essentials. If you need additional seating, just add cushions on it and use it as a seat.
  • Use vegetation in your porch decoration, potted plants and flowers are right at home on a porch to decorate. You can showcase your green thumb by arranging them on different types of racks, and place them on the higher shelves to ensure the plants get enough sunlight; they also help to decorate wall space in your porches.
  • If you want to transform your porch into an outdoor living room just add some simple "indoor" touches like an outdoor table lamp makes the porch feel like your indoors and allows you to enjoy the space long after the sun goes down and in night also.

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