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Refreshing Summer Home Decor Ideas

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Refreshing Summer Home Decor Ideas

Posted on Jun 25th, 2012 | Comments (0)
Home Decor

Decorating and redecorating a home is always a pleasurable experience especially when we decorate it according to different seasons and our ever changing preferences. Summer home décor is a fun experience because summers are vibrant, lively and you can indulge your family members to take part in summer home décor and come up with something good as a team. Here are a few interesting summer home décor ideas for summer 2012.

A Tropical Summer

Despite the fact that bright and bold colors remain a favorite in summer season, this summer, and shades of tropical color palette are a big hit for summer home décor ideas. Pale blue, sea green, fresh leaf greens etc are the prime choices for summer home décor ideas for a tropical summer inspired look. Moreover, to add warmth and a definitive edge to the look with summer home décor ideas, try putting up frames with fun family pictures in sepia. This will add a completely new flare to your home. Moreover, you can add bamboos in fish bowl, use jute and straw table mats and runners and lots more to create this soothing looks in summer home décor ideas.

Ethnic Patterns

The love for rural and ethnic prints can be seen all over this summer. Therefore, how can it be possible that in summer home décor ideas, the ethnic prints and patterns are not included? Bright block prints, tie and dyes, paisleys, bohemian designs and lots more is there to choose from in ethnic prints for home décor ideas.

Outdoor Décor

In summer season, we all love to stay outdoors and enjoy in our garden. Therefore, in summer home décor ideas, paying attention to our garden or patio set up for sitting and dining is a must. In summer 2012, the outdoor look is much inspired from the concept of floating lanterns and therefore, don’t forget to add handing candle stands and lights outdoors particularly with your garden umbrella. Also, as part of summer home décor ideas, you can also put paper vases and luminaires in your outdoor setting.

Nautical Theme

Another theme which is very popular in summer home décor ideas this season is the nautical theme. Striped cushions, furniture, knobs, stencils and lots more can be picked up to create this look. It is surely a loved idea in summer home décor ideas for all those who like the freshness of the seas. Also, shell vases and accessories can add a sparkle in this themed look for summer home décor.

So, be creative this summer season with all these summer home décor ideas and give your home a new life with latest themes, designs and patterns. You will surely love the new feel to your home and your friends and family members will be impressed too.

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