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How to add practical beauty to your Home

How to add practical beauty to your Home

Posted on Feb 16th, 2009 | Comments (0)
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Interior designing and home décor can also be taken as a hobby by those who are fascinated with how to make their homes look better than beautiful. While for some, it can be a wild obsession to enhance the beauty for their already sophisticated and elegant home décor. In either way, one must bear in mind that while making efforts to enrich your living lifestyle, your home should maintain the necessary equilibrium between decoration and expediency.

Here are a few practical ideas which can help you adding that essential touch of beauty and glamour to your place:

1.    What can enhance the beauty of your home more than glass doors, table tops, and crystals decorations in large glass showcases? But, these delicate items cannot just be decorated anywhere. Instead, choose places for them where there is less traffic and not a common passageway for everyone. Consider formal lounges, drawing rooms, guest rooms etc.

2.    When opting for upholstery, always choose materials and items which are manageable and much easier to maintain. Prefer leather, silk or satin maybe, and go for darker hues just to make them more durable.

3.    To augment the plush look for your home, lighter colored carpets are the best option. But it is quite difficult when it comes to maintenance. So, what’s best is to avoid carpeting and instead light colored wooden or marble flooring is a classy idea, not to mention practical too.

4.    Coming to fixtures, including door handles, knobs and light frames shouldn’t necessarily be too fancy. Don’t go too over the edge with that. It’s good to spend. But to spend wisely is even better.  Choose simple, sleek and modern designs.

5.    Instead of incandescent filament lamps, fluorescent lamps are more convenient.

6.    Brick walls are a classy idea. It enhances the look of your place and is quite convenient in terms of maintenance. Glass tiled walls looks stylish and graceful. But it has a drawback. If one tile chips, the whole wall needs to be refashioned.

7.    Brass and silverware, fresh flowers, candles and indoor plants employ all the practical ideas one could easily avail to enhance the beauty of your sweet home.

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