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Courtyard Garden Makeover

Courtyard Garden Makeover

Posted on Dec 14th, 2011 | Comments (0)
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Courtyard garden is a garden which is surrounded by walls, means courtyard gardens are decorated inside the buildings, hospitals, and schools and in private homes too. Different courtyard creations can be as follows: Backyard Garden, Frontyard Garden, Swimming Pool courtyard, Water fountain Courtyard etc. There are different ways to makeover courtyard garden. Here are some fantastic ideas for your courtyard garden decorations.

Stones for Courtyard Decorations Ideas:
Stone paths give attractive look to courtyard gardens. The stones make a lane which can also help to connect the other areas of home. Different types of stones are, stucco and masonry stone give beautiful look. You can also makeover garden with limestone paving, slate paving and granite paving stones; these stones can give contemporary to classic look. Stones which are used to design courtyard garden are available in different styles and color, you may choose them with the combination of your home out side walls.

Lighting for Courtyard Decorations Ideas:
Lighting is another important tool of courtyard garden decoration. Outdoor lighting and courtyard indoor lighting if perfectly chosen then it would be creating the amazing look of courtyard garden. Lightings for courtyard decorations are available in low ranges with different styles and colors of lights.

Fountain & Water Courtyard decorations:
Different styles of fountains are available in markets for courtyard garden decorations. Small bathtubs, water dishes can also enhance the beauty of courtyard garden. Decorative fencing & natural borders can also be added. Modern outdoor fountains are easy to set. Electrical Pump & solar power run these fountains with no running costs.

Statuary Decorations Ideas for Courtyard Gardens:
Different types of statues are other beauty tool of courtyard gardens. Classic fruit basket statues, birds or animal statues, mini pagoda garden can be used to decorate the courtyard.

Plants & Flowers Decorations:
No doubt & definitely there is no use of all the courtyard decoration ideas, if you don’t choose the right flower & plant ideas. Give a beautiful look to your garden with flowers and maintained plants. Plants should be neat in cuts. Throw out all the useless shrubs and leaves. Keep your courtyard garden neat & clean.

Small Courtyard Garden with Traditional Decoration:

If you have small area or any empty plot around your home then get ready to give it fantastic look of decorated courtyard garden. Make a soft red brick of S shape on both the sides (left, right) for planting beds. Then grow your favorite plants inside that S shaped planting beds. You may put some flower pots outside the brick. Put chairs in the middle of you courtyard garden to enjoy the cool breeze and sunny days in winter.  You can also set a fountain to give a prettier look to your tradional courtyard garden.

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