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Use of old age Television makes Drawing Room or Living Room more descent

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Use of old age Television makes Drawing Room or Living Room more descent

Posted on Nov 26th, 2011 | Comments (0)
Home Decor

Guests mostly sit in either the drawing room or the living room, so it is essential that you pay critical attention to how you set it up. Instead of dumping every expensive item you have onto the shelves and tables, a usual practice, you should consult some appropriate home decor ideas. You need to put forward less but decent objects that have certain shared chemistry and give your room a complete feel.

People may opt for wither buying the new and updated furniture styles and utilize the upcoming 3D affects in home décor ideas while others may go for a more retro look. Recycling and the use of old things in decoration may help relive the traditional charm. Although you can obviously add added a touch of modernity by mixing contemporary with antique furniture or using a trendy colour scheme or pattern that makes them super alluring.

A few tips under our home décor guide include:
  • Decorated pottery – use of old things in decoration might also include pots where they can be used for an extra side table for a chair or sofa. Place a round piece of glass on the top of the pot. The inside of the pot can be filled with pretty rocks, Christmas ball ornaments, or whatever your imagination can envision!
  • Colour theme selection - You could try painting your room a different colour from adjacent rooms. Warm colours appear more inviting and also add to the retro look. Use of black and white stripes or other textures behind the old television set or on the adjacent wall will truly take you back to the 60s.
  • Hang a mirror to show attractive features on the opposite wall and to give an effect of increased space.
  • You could also display a gallery wall of artwork, photographs of old artists or showcase a beautiful piece of sculpture or bronze on a table.
  • One of the best home decor ideas is to use an old TV set and provide a completely customary look to the room. Since TV is a major item in room decoration, one will have their attention grabbed by the classic model of television you have used. You can either place it at a focal point i.e. all the sofas facing towards it, which means that the TV used as a unique home décor idea has to be in a working condition, or it can be placed at one side of the room. The television will give the environment a superb feel due to the fact that people associate simplicity and decency to the times in which these TV sets were actually in use.
So, if you are planning for the use of old items in decoration, you can surely add various things especially an old TV set to justify your aims and enjoy the peaceful era!

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