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Wild Food - A Taste of Nature

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Wild Food - A Taste of Nature

Posted on Feb 26th, 2013 | Comments (0)
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Nature blesses everyone with enjoyment and refreshment. We must take benefits from natural food. Every day we eat food in its finest form. But there is nothing like a wild food forager’s diet. People altogether go for hunting which gives them chance to spend time together in searching for food and then enjoying cooking it up for a delicious feast. Outdoor men are fully aware of the how-to-live-off-the-land concept.

However, the real question arises when you, as a pacifist, get a chance to go for hunting or visiting wild area. Do you know how and where to find and make use of wild audible plants? Do you know which barriers, fruits and nuts etc. you can eat or which are poisonous and dangerous to your health? There is wild food guide for you so that you will have no excuse for being hungry if you get a chance to go for hunting.

Wild grapes, wild strawberry, raspberry, black berry, wild rice, mulberry, dandelion greens, rose hips and black walnut etc. are some wild plants. Canada moonseed looks like wild grapes that are poisonous. But you can identify a grape or moonseed by its drops. A grape should have one to four tear drops that should be seed shaped while a moonseed has only one seed which is curved and flat. You must enjoy this taste of nature which is full of calories and decent amount of Vitamin C and vitamin K as well as copper and potassium.

When you are going to eat a black cherry make sure that you spit out the pits and don’t eat green cherry leaves because both are poisonous. It is a healthy natural food that contains 77 % calories, vitamin A and C as well as potassium, copper and manganese. Make use of this wild food guide for you so you can enjoy a taste of nature without any danger.

Mulberries are very delicious and healthy diet, if ripe. Otherwise under-ripe barriers can lead to serious reaction.

Elder berries are one of the wild plants but you must eat only ripe berries because its other parts are hazardous.

I must suggest you some wild food tips to enjoy your food.

  • You must wash wild food thoroughly before eating because herbicides and pesticides can render your wild food unpalatable.

  • While you are gathering wild plants for you, do remember to not remove whole plants from its roots.

  • Some wild plants after cooking become more delicious, edible and less bitter.

  • Whatever you are picking, you must know about it because some wild plants are poisonous and it is not necessary that all poisonous plants taste poisonous.

You can take help from above mentioned wild food guide to remain safe from danger.

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