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Summer Food: Iced Green Tea

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Summer Food: Iced Green Tea

Posted on Jun 15th, 2012 | Comments (0)

With the arrival of summer days, most of us cut out hot tea from our summer food. However, the tea lovers always look for a proper substitute to fill up the slot of tea in their summer food routine. For this, iced green tea is a perfect summer tea which is not only great in taste, but is full of healthy antioxidants. A tall glass of iced summer tea accessorized by a lemon slice is truly an icon of relief from summer heat. The adventurous tea lovers usually try different recipes to put a spin to iced green tea to make it a tastier summer food, while maintaining its distinctive flavor.

Iced green tea is one of the greatest and favorite summer foods, which is quite easy to make from scratch. You can enjoy a tasty pitcher of iced summer tea with the help of few tea bags, water and a bit of sugar. If you are a fitness freak, you can either add controlled amount of sugar, or you can skip it altogether. Instead, you can make your summer tea a thirst-quenching drink by adding some lemon in it. Following are some of tips to make a perfect iced gree tea:

Use Strong Tea

When summer foods served cold, the flavors become dull. To make a well-flavored green tea, you should use a stronger tea. Pick a stronger green or jasmine tea and use two tea bags for every 3 cups of water for best green iced tea. However, in order to make your green tea stronger, use more tea bags rather than lengthening the steeping time. Over boiling can make your green tea bitter. In the same way if you want to enjoy weaker green tea, reduce the boiling time rather than reducing the number of tea bags.

Cool Before Refrigerating

Allow your green tea to cool before you put in refrigerator; otherwise you will make your tea cloudy.

Real Is Best

Avoid using artificial flavors in your summer food. Instead of using artificial lemon juice, always use real fresh squeezed lemon juice to have a best flavor of your iced green tea.

Add Sugar Syrup

Instead of adding granulated sugar, make sugar syrup on hand to sweeten your green tea. The sugar syrup will combines well with cold summer tea much better than sugar.

Flavored Ice Cubes

You can add more charm to your summer food by adding flavored ice cubes. You can freeze your favorite juices in ice cube trays and can add these cubes to your glass of iced green tea to add a bit of fun and color.

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