TV makes your eyes weary'

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TV is harmful for your eyes so should be very careful while watching TV and you should try to give break to your eyes whenever possible.

There's no shortage of good research urging people of all ages in Pakistan to turn off the TV and walk away from the couch.
But while there's no disputing that a life of passive box watching is bad for your child's health it's unlikely that it will be their eyes that pay the price. We don't damage our eyes by using them, although certain activities do cause eye strain.
When you look at an object for any length of time your eye muscles are working, the longer you focus on the object the harder the eye muscles have to work. Therefore, when you watch TV without looking away from the screen it makes your eyes tired.
Everyone’s eyes will benefit from a few simple TV viewing tips which people in Pakistan should follow:

  • When watching the television sit at least four or five meters away from the screen – the closer you are to the object you're focusing on, the more weary your eyes will become
  • Don't watch TV in a dark room – make sure the television is not the main light supply in a room, but remember you don't want any glare or reflection on the screen.
  • Take a break – tell the children to get up, move about and look around the room.
  • Better still get the family off the couch, turn off the box and go outing in Pakistan. Who knows while you are all there you could kick a ball, ride a bike, jump on a trampoline or just look up at the sky.



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