Eid shopping is the main and necessary element of eid celebrations. As the holy month of Ramadan is going to be end, the eid shopping at every corner of the country is on full swing. The women, young girls and kids are busy in their eid shopping with zeal and zest.

Body: The holy month of Ramadan is almost going to its end. The gift of the fasting and Ibadaats results in the form of “Eid.ul.Fitr”. “Eid.ul.Fitr” or “Methi Eid” is the gift from the ALLAH PAK for the muslims all over the world. It is the worldwide jubilant festival of Muslim Ummah and they celebrated this with great zeal and zest.

Shopping of eid is the main and necessary element of eid celebration. Almost at every corner of the world people especially women, young girls and kids seems enthusiastic and happy towards their eid shopping. Continue reading…

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Ramadan seems to leave its spiritual impact on every Muslim and Eid is a time when one fully enjoys the blessings of Allah and celebrates festivity to the fullest. Preparations of Eid, involves lot of cooking, shopping and celebrations at homes and outside.

Eid-ul-Fiter is coming closer and shopping is gaining momentum as you find men, women and children rushing to market to buy clothes, jewellery, makeup, shoes and so much more. Preparations of Eid, involves a lot of excitement and festivity for the Muslims of all ages. It is a time, when every Muslim gets an opportunity to relax, dress and eat as much as possible. Continue reading…

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With the end of Ramadan in sight, people have set up Eid stalls to sell bangles, artificial jewellery, henna, clothes and other products related to the festivities. In preparation for Eid, most shops are offering special Eid discounts and the malls are full of customers. In Lahore, Liberty Market, Fortress Stadium, Anarkali, Ichra, Link Road, Moon Market and shopping malls are the center points for the eid shoppers.

The shopkeepers have displayed a variety of things, particularly new designs of clothes and shoes. Most of the women who go shopping are interested in having beautiful designs of henna applied on their hands and feet and some of the stall owners hire experts to apply different designs on their customers.

A small number of people have already completed their Eid shopping at the start of Ramadan, while majority of them will do their eid shopping in the last days of Ramadan. Sidewalks of the roads, mostly occupied by temporary stalls and vendors, offering jeans and T-shirts and ready-made clothes were seen packed with the buyers of all age groups.  The sadness and gloom which had overshadowed the traditional hustle and bustle of the bazaars has now seemed to disappear, as rush of the shoppers with their full passions and glittering faces seem to be bitten by the eid shopping bug.

Eid is one festival Pakistanis really know how to celebrate and the witness of this is the over crowded shopping malls.

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