The Spellz

Pakistani-Canadian duo The Spellz, which secured headlines worldwide for their unique fusion music, has confirmed that their debut album, which they are currently working on in the studio, is being released later this year. Continue reading…

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The Spellz 4

Canadian-Pakistani music artist NAS, better known by his stage name The Spellz, was recently selected by the prestigious online platform Global Rockstar as the Artist of the Day.

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Song: Tere Naina
Singers: Fariha Pervez & Nouman Javaid
Lyrics & Composition: Nouman Javaid
Music Arranged by: Ahsan Pervaiz (Siege)
Mix & Mastered By: Imran Khalil
Video Directed by: Saqib Siddique

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[Pakistan – 19th March 2012]: Following the airing of Ufone Uth Records 2.0 fourth episode featuring XXI, the music platform introducesfourth artist, Sara Haider, on the 24thof March 2012.

As an artist, Sara continues to be inspired by the likes of Faiz, Rumi, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Simon & Garfunkle, The Police, Lauryn Hill, Nayyara Noor, Strings, The Beatles, John Mayer, Nazia Hassan, Stevie Nicks, Geeta Dutt, Phoenix, Adele, Imogen heap, and Pakistan’s very own Zeb and Haniya. Continue reading…

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(Lahore: 15 December 2009) Following the successful release of his third studio album ‘Beetaye Pal’, Ali Sher introduces his work as a composer on a collaborative single with Rafaqat Ali Khan entitled ‘Ishq’.

Originally written by Ghulam Farid Khan, Ali’s composition is inspired by the Sindhi Bharwain Rag and is a fusion of both Eastern and Western instruments such as Ethnic Percussions, Muted Guitar, ‘Tabla’, ‘Dholak’ and ‘Duff’. He has also incorporated African instruments such as the ‘D.Jembe’ and ‘Congo’.

Rafaqat Ali Khan, who hails from the illustrious Sham Chaurasia Gharana is renowned for his work in various Bollywood productions including the Hrithik Raushan hit ‘Krrish’. In harmony with his family generational legacy, Rafaqat Ali Khan brings the classical ‘Khayal Gayeki’ inspiration and tradition to Ali Sher’s composition.

Speaking about this collaboration, Ali Sher has said, “I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Rafaqat Sahab, but never got a chance. I’ve seen him perform numerous times, and have been mesmerized by the depth and passion with which he sings. I believe Rafaqat Sahab’s ‘Gayeki’ is deeply rooted in our heritage and I am thrilled to be a part of ‘Ishq’.

“This ‘Kafi’ style of singing has been around for over 100 years and belongs to my Gharana. Ali Sher has composed and arranged this song beautifully. He is an intelligent and passionate musician and we are currently planning on doing a whole album together.” says Rafaqat Ali Khan on his collaboration with Ali Sher for ‘Ishq’.

Recorded at Ali Sher’s studio, Ishq has been roughly arranged based on the free form vocals of Rafaqat Ali Khan. With the release of this song, Ali Sher plans to collaborate with various classical and Sufi artists in the future to develop his work as a composer.

Ali Sher Profile:

Ali Sher began his music career in the early nineties, when the Pop music industry in Pakistan was still in its early experimental stages. Over the decade Ali has professionally streamlined and broadening his music and genre with three albums, musical scores for sitcoms and serials along with diverse collaborations with the likes of Ustad Tanveer Hussain, Ustad Ballu, Mekaal Hassan and most recently with Rafaqat Ali Khan.

His first Album, ‘Yadoon Main’ was released in 2001 accompanied with the successful music video ‘Shaam’. This was followed by his second album, ‘Mann Marzi’ released in 2003, which included hit singles like ‘Chan Sajna’, ‘Mein Tay Mann Lae Haar’ and ‘Hijr’. His third and most recent album ‘Beetay Pal’ was released earlier this year and is a blend of live music and electronic beat. Live music on the album is played by Mekaal Hassan, Ustaad Ballu khan, Ustaad Wajid Ali and Rana Hassan.

With more than 14 years of experience; Ali’s music has come to represent a creative blend of genres ranging from compositions to synthesized sensibilities. His music portrays a passion for culture and language and he diversifies his music by expressing his creativity through both Urdu and Punjabi vocals.

As a songwriter and composer, he has also composed music for several artists and organizations including a collaboration with Hadiqa Kiyani for her second album ‘Roshni’, the title song for ‘Dr aur Billa’ by Jawad Bashir and a musical composition entitled “Save the Nation” for the All Pakistan Endocrine & Diabetes Association (APEDA), for which he received a special award in 2008.

Ali Sher has diversified his artistic sphere over the years through his acting in sitcoms such as ‘Saath’, and ‘Yeh Tau Hona Hi Tha’; both of which were aired on Hum TV. He was recently also involved in the composition of music for acclaimed international film ‘Kashf’ which previewed in Cannes and Berlin and for the documentary ‘Made in Pakistan’, slated for international release in 2010 and aired locally in 2009.

Ali is currently working on his fourth album along with the release of his latest collaborative venture titled “Ishq” featuring Rafaqat Ali Khan of the illustrious Shaam Chaurasi Gharana. With ‘Ishq’ Ali Sher has experimented with eastern classical fusion. Composed, structured, mixed and produced by him, “Ishq” is sung in the famous ‘Kafi’ style in which Ali has incorporated instruments including ethnic percussions, muted guitar, ‘tabla’, ‘dholak’, ‘duff’ and the African ‘D.Jembe’.

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(Lahore, 25 September 2009) After the success of two Coke Studio seasons and in the interests of further promoting a sense of Unity and Pride, the Coke Studio music platform extend their financial support to the retail community through the United Brands For Pakistan [UBP].

Speaking about the introduction of UBP, Country manager the Coca-Cola Export Company, Rizwan U Khan has said “Coke Studio’s very ethos rests on the principles of unity, equality, solidarity and pride. It has struck a chord with Pakistani’s youth who believe in its cause and in its spirit. We want to promote a vibrant and healthy nation through its youth and if this can be achieved through promoting a new initiative such as UBP and consequently an all encompassing Coke Studio platform, we are there.”

Led by Fashion Designer Maria Butt, UBP is looking to bring contemporary Pakistani fashion brands and retailers on a united platform in an endeavour to give back more to Pakistan. Indeed this is the first time that the country will witness unity between such powerhouse brands, including: Amir Adnan, Chen One, CrossRoads, Generation, Guddu and Shani, Karma Pink, Maria B, Men’s Store, Gen-Y, Khaadi, Fnk Asia and Stoneage. Within this show of strength and in a bid to spread the message of solidarity, the United Brands for Pakistan launch themselves with a line of patriotic T Shirts which will retail across Pakistan and outlets of all the aforementioned brands the proceeds of which will be given towards the rehabilitation and repatriation of Pakistan’s Internally Displaced People.

Rohail Hyatt commented ‘By supporting UBP, Coke Studio cherishes the wonderful opportunity to give back some of the love and affection it has received from the people of Pakistan. This project stands for the unity of Pakistan and this is adequately represented by the two different art forms, fashion and music, coming together to support a greater cause. The fact that the needy people in our country will benefit from the proceeds of the sales, certainly strikes the right chord with the values we try to pursue at Coke Studio. I wish the project and it’s founder, Maria Butt, all the success and good wishes on behalf of the Coke Studio team.’

Founder United Brands For Pakistan, Maria Butt has said “I wanted to inspire the youth, to be patriotic is desirable. I wanted to be able to say that facets and industries like Fashion and Music stands united for the love of Pakistan. However, one brand or person was not strong enough to make the kind of impact I wanted which is why I approached the biggest, trendiest brands in Pakistan who reach out to millions of people on a daily basis. Coke Studio itself is a label associated with supporting talent and instilling a sense of pride and unity in our youth. Together we believe that we can be so much more than the sum of our parts”

With Coke Studio’s support, United Brands For Pakistan look to introduce a diversity of concepts and ideas in the future that inspire Pakistan’s future generations. Their T shirt line is currently available for retail across Pakistan at PKR 550 for their Men’s T-shirt, PKR 750 for their Men’s polo tee, PKR 950 for their Women’s T-shirt and PKR 950 for their Women’s long tunic.

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