New years is a time for new beginning and you should make the most of it and try to achieve the goals which will help you become a better person.

It’s important to prepare for your new years resolution far before January 1 hits. For most people in Pakistan, this means simply choosing a resolution, but not you! By now you should already have selected a great New Year’s resolution… now is time to get ready for success.

How do you prepare for your New Year’s resolution in Pakistan? It’s easy. Write out everything you’ll need to succeed with your new year’s resolution. If you’re aiming to lose weight, you may need a gym membership in Pakistan, a walking buddy, some new cooking supplies, or workout clothes. Making a list of the things you need will help you see how attainable your goal is with the right supplies and approach.

Spend time with the people in Pakistan who are important to you and be thankful you have such a great support system to help you succeed.

Reflect on the “Why” and spend the few days before the New Year thinking about the reason and what positive things change will bring into your life in Pakistan. This will help you get motivated and bring positive thinking in your life. Whatever your personal rituals in Pakistan are—do it! It’s a great way to mark the occasion in Pakistan and the changes you’re ready to make in your life.

When the clock strike’s midnight—okay, maybe when the clock strikes noon—on January 1, it’s time to make an amend. Wake up, read over your New Year resolution, and hit the ground running. Want to bank some money? Put Rs.100 in your savings account on January 1. Desire to lose weight? Have a healthy breakfast and go for a walk about the block. Want to quit smoking? Toss away that pack NOW. Want to discover love? Say hi to the first good-looking stranger you meet in the New Year.

Being thrilled and starting your new years resolution in a big way will help you remain motivated and lets you start your resolution on a high note.

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Sometimes we should put a little more thought in the gifts you buy for your friends then the money you spend on it. Gift should always be well thought of then well paid for to show love.

Selecting the right gift in Pakistan for your friends is difficult because there are many factors to consider to avoid awkwardness. You should avoid risk in Pakistan, and communicate openly about exchanging gifts. In Pakistan sometimes it can be difficult to buy presents for your friends as you don’t find many things.

Here are some guidelines for shopping in Pakistan for your significant other during the holidays even if you can’t find the right thing:

Do not use “controversial” packaging for gifts. An example of controversial packaging is putting something notably cheaper, or something other than jewelry in a recycled Tiffany box.

Do take a friend along for shopping in Pakistan to keep you sane. When we are left alone to our own devices, we talk ourselves out of fine judgment.

Don’t go too big, or too small when buying a gift in Pakistan. The easiest way to avoid too big or small is to talk about it beforehand and maybe set budget limits.

Do discuss whether you’re exchanging gifts or not that year. If you started dating any time after September, you’re in that weird abyss of not knowing if you’re doing gifts for the holidays in Pakistan

Don’t give “get-a-clue” gifts in Pakistan. A “get-a-clue” gift is a gym membership, diet materials, etc to people you love.

Do triple check sizes on dresses in Pakistan. Women in Pakistan feel humiliated if you get them a size smaller as they think you are hinting on their size. Just do your homework and make sure you’re at least close.

Do communicate with their family members and friends for ideas for gifts. Not only will your friends appreciate that you took the time to research, you can do a little bonding with their family in the procedure.

Don’t give PG 13 gifts to friends in Pakistan.

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Now, is the time to decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy the festivity of the Christmas celebrations, which brings the message of peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone. So friends, gather around the Christmas tree, and join the singing choir! Merry Christmas to all!

It is time to light up your evergreen Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is often brought into a home, but can also be used in the open, and can be decorated with Christmas lights (originally candles), ornaments, garlands and tinsel during the days around Christmas. An angel or star is often placed at the top of the tree, which represents the host of angels.

In the ancient times, pagans, Druids, Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews celebrated the Winter Solstice, (Dec. 21st), the day of the year that the Sun begins its ascent in the sky, thereby ushering a fertile time of planting and bountiful harvests. Hence, the evergreen tree on Christmas represented eternal life.

Later in history, Germans hung wafers on the tree along with the apples to represent the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross on Christmas. After the beginning of the New Year, the Pagans would take the chopped decorated Christmas tree down and burn the “Yule” log in remembrance of the past year. The custom of erecting a Christmas tree on Christmas can be historically traced to 16thcentury Northern Germany and the Baltic region.

The first documented use of an evergreen tree in a Christmas celebration was in Riga, Latvia, in the year 1510. In the early 19th century, the custom on Christmas became popular among the nobility and spread to royal courts as far as Russia. During most of the 1970s and 1980s, the largest Christmas tree in the world was put up every year on the property of The National Enquirer in Lantana, Florida.

The United States’ National Christmas tree is lit each year on the South Lawn of the White House. Christmas tree is, lit by candles in Denmark. Modern commercialisation of Christmas has resulted in trees being put up much earlier; in shops. In Australia, the Christmas tree is usually put up on the 1st of December, which occurs about a week before the school summer holidays; except for South Australia, where most people put up their tree after the Adelaide Credit Union. Types of trees used for Christmas celebrations are fir (Abies), which have the benefit of not shedding their needles when they dry out, as well as retaining good foliage colour and scent; but species in other genera are also used. The first artificial Christmas trees were developed in Germany during the 19th century.

Natural Christmas trees on the other hand are entirely biodegradable and are often reused by tree farms or local governments as woodchips or mulch.
The Christmas trees are decorated with candles or electric lights (fairy lights), toy bear following a particular theme. It is mostly done in departmental stores. Many people on Christmas decorate outdoor trees with food that birds and other wildlife enjoys.

Each year, 33 to 36 million Christmas trees are produced in America, and 50 to 60 million are produced in Europe.

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Christmas day is celebrated on the day, when Jesus Christ was born and one hopes that in Pakistan, the celebrations would, be marked with lights, music, songs, colour and festivity followed by special prayers for the peace and prosperity of the country.

For, Christians everywhere and in Pakistan particularly, is a wonderful time of the year when you feel so special, spiritually and socially. The best part about Christmas is that it knows no bounds, in every country people from all walks of life, whoever they may be, enjoy a slice of the celebration; and in Pakistan too, with the growing number of Christians here and government’s recognition of the festivals of the minorities, Christmas is becoming a great feast for everyone. For Christian community, a special function was arranged at (PNCA) which was graced by Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani and a special dinner for Christian community was also held at President House to mark the Christmas celebrations.

Christian community in Pakistan is giving final touches to the preparations. The Christian community in Pakistan is decorating their homes with colourful lights; even the churches are illuminated with golden twilights to celebrate the joy and spirit of Christmas. The aim of Christmas is to spread the message of peace, harmony and unity among the world communities. According to Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, “This time, Christmas will be celebrated in the same old spirit, which kindles love and hope.”

Christian employees working for government and private firms would be getting bonus on their salaries and Christmas perks also, according to the Punjab government notifications. On these celebrations, youth buy cards and gifts and children decorate Christmas trees with their parents. Little boys and girls participate in Christmas plays in schools. Shops are opened till midnight and cakes are being decorated with reference to Christmas celebrations. To add more colour to Christmas, college and university students give donations, help out charities or other activities that calls on people to give their time and share with those who do not have anything.

Newspapers, television and radio print and broadcast special programmes and articles on the importance of Christmas day. Because of wide media activities in Pakistan; channels telecast plays, carol singing and visits to Christian churches and homes are recorded.

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it can be very easy to save money once you know how to and when you have your credit cards safely hidden away. While shopping you should never loose yourself as that can lead to over purchasing.

  1. Ask and you might be given. It won’t always work, but every now and then all you have to do is ask nicely for a discount to get one in Pakistan. As they’re ringing you up, ask if it’s possible to get a discount on your purchase and save money.
  2. Look after of your clothes to save money. Dry-clean when the tag says to dry-clean, hand-wash nice lingerie, and don’t let your floor double as a cabinet. Your favorite items will last a lot longer if you take care of them, and you won’t have to replace them often.
  3. After an item lingers in stores in Pakistan a month or more, retailers start dropping its price to get it out the door, grab the item.
  4. There’s no worse feeling than finding out that your latest overindulgence went on sale days after you bought it. Before you hand over your credit card on a big purchase and to save money, ask if the object of your fashion envy is going on sale soon in Pakistan.
  5. Take advantage of buy-one-get-one-half-off sales and similar discounts — not by buying all that you can, but by clueing in your fashion-forward friends in Pakistan. If you’re both craving a new pair of winter boots, hit the sales together and take advantage of the special deals it will help save money.
  6. Befriend the salesgirl at your favorite shopping hot spots in Pakistan. Make an effort to say hello to her when you’re shopping, ask for her opinion on something you’re trying on, and make sure you jump on her line when she’s at the register. Be a familiar and friendly face, and she might give you a heads-up on sales or ring up a discount code for you.
  7. In Pakistan hit the stores on a weekday to make sure you get a good selection. Thursdays are ideal — you’ll likely be able to take benefit of weekend sales while still having a big selection to choose from. If you go later in the weekend, your favorite stores in Pakistan are more likely to be empty.
  8. In Pakistan get the best deals by stocking up on seasonal clothing right as the season is finishing. Scour sale racks for short sleeves in November and sweaters in April.
  9. In Pakistan we all have that one store that spoils our shopping judgment. Force yourself to stick to your budget and prevent spontaneous shopping sprees.
  10. Thrift shops can be just as pricey as expensive boutiques, if not more so. But your friends’ wardrobe can be free. Manage a clothing swap with your chicest pals in Pakistan. If your clothes and shoes don’t fit swap accessories — new scarves, headbands, bags, and costume jewelry are great ways to refresh your style.
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“Friendship is the cooperative and supportive relationship between two or more people. Friendship connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis,” this is the definition of friendship that I found in the dictionary but I am more than sure that rather than words friendship is more of a feeling.

Friendship is one of the rare miracles of life which everyone gets to experiene once in his lifetime. Friendship is not something to take for granted as it is as precious as pearl and as sweet as love. Actually for me friendship is love at its best if you take the blood relations out of the equation.

Friendship unlike ralations is one thing you get to choose on your own probably which is why it is more near to heart as every man relishes his own achievements anf finds.

Friendships come along so rarely, and I am so thankful to have met my friend that we must move past anything that threatens our friendship and see the big picture. Without our friendships, we are indeed lost.

friendship is a feeling of belonging and nothing can replace it.

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Cell phones are now available in a large variety of fashion designs and functions, including those that allow users to send pictures they drew on their screen. Today’s cell phones are more than just communication devices; they have become indispensable tools of everyday use offering a multitude of functions like text messaging and information downloading and playing games when you have not much to do.

Within a couple of years the cell phones, once an expensive luxury item, found themselves in the hands of everyone from business workers to homemakers to teenagers. Cell phones are ever becoming a fashion statement in our world and it seems to be a race to get the best and the latest cell phone there is.

Many people have been converted to cell phone fashion so much that that they are beginning to identify their personality and individuality with the type of cell phone or model they carry. Just as many plan their wardrobe for the season ahead; they also accessorize their cell phone with accessories to suit their personality.

From an ever-blossoming multitude of functions to their attention-grabbing sounds and fashion designs, cell phones are now much more than just tools for communication. They have become a fashion statement, do-it-all, super devices which are not only communication devices anymore.

Cell phones have become a luxury from a necessity.

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