Collection: Shavings

Shavings is Kino’s first collection designed especially for fashion designer Maheen Karim‘s show titled très magnifique.

Made with Oakwood peels (shavings) and stained with gold, the inspiration for this collections comes from rebirth within ones life time, peeling away the unnecessary to delve in to the essentials.

Kino by Kiran Aman:

With her collection ‘Shavings’, Kiran Aman of Kiran Fine Jewellery debuts her new line; ‘ Kino’. The name Kino translates into the word cinema in most languages. Continue reading…

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Just like the commendable joint venture of Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) and L’Oréal Paris, the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011, there is something freaky yet splendid. Other than the conventional red carpet, the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 is going to have the exceptional “Black Carpet” for the first time in Pakistan’s fashion history.

Where red is the symbol of glam and style, the black depicts the elegance and passion. This is how the Black Carpet of PFDC L’ Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 aims to endow the mesmerizing feel to all fashion designers, fashion models, makeup artists, stylists and to all fashionistas and celebutants to walk over. Photographers will have the opportunity to capture the dazzling steps of participants making PFDC L’ Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 Black Carpet memorable for the many forth coming Pakistani fashion weeks.

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Jewelry is one of the foremost interests of ladies. Their choice may differ but it is definitely one of the essentials for us ladies. Earrings are a must. Right choice of earrings compliment your face cut and make your face look prettier. Earring fashion has always been considered elementary in all times. Whether it’s small dazzling studs or dangling earrings, ears should be accessorized. It is impossible to ignore the restoration of traditional trends in the new jewelry fashion. Either formal or casual, both are equally influenced by the traditional style.

Baaliyan, circular shaped ear accessories is one of the ancient yet all time trendy styles. It never gets old rather every season comes up in different materials or colors as new trend of the day. With casual wear, colorful metal or plastic Baaliyan gives you a very bubbly look and with formal or semi formal wear silver, golden or matching colored Baaliyan adds sophisticated touch to your look and it also enhances traditional flavor in your appearance. Continue reading…

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Flower jewelry is making its place in fashion industry now. The charms of flowers are used in two ways and the flower jewelry trends in both of them are worth seeing. They are flower jewelry made by flowers and the flower jewelry made which are inspired by design of a flower. Here we go explaining the each trend in these 2 categories.

Flower jewelry by natural flowers:

Flower jewelry made with natural flowers is the historic and the most enchanting one. You can make tikka, matha pathi, bracelets and earrings from motiya, genda and jasmine flowers. Other flowers like tulips are also used in the flower jewelry. This trend of flower wearing flower jewelry is very in nowadays in mayo and mehndi. The bride and the groom and bride’s friends wear this beautiful flower jewelry which not only suites the environment but their yellow mayo dresses too. Flowers have the concept of delicateness and fragrance associated with it and yeah the bride is termed as innocent and delicate so the bride and the flower jewelry trends in mayo are made for each other. Continue reading…

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Fancy Crystal Jewelry Pakistan Soars to the New HeightsPakistan is a hub of traditional jewelry and fashion ornaments of all types. Pakistani ladies have an awesome taste of westerns as well as traditional eastern fashion. On festivals, weddings and cultural occasion Pakistani women cannot let go of the jewelry and accessories. A bride without jewelry is considered to be incomplete.

Gold prices are sky high and this brings the ladies, who tempt for jewelry, to go for other precious and semi precious stone jewelry. These days crystal jewelry is talking over. The girls and ladies maintain their decency by adding an accessory made up of crystals. The amazing pendants, ear-rings and the bracelets leave the women in awe. The necklaces that have been delicately and beautifully designed are carefully created to match the aesthetics as well as the practicality of Pakistani jewelry. The crystal jewelry fashion has suddenly taken over the trends probably due to sky high prices of gold and other precious and semiprecious stone jewelry. Continue reading…

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Pakistani Rings Fashion Trend 2011Shoes are for feet and rings are for fingers. Fingers without rings look dull and boring. To make a complete sense of fashion and style for your fingers, you must wear stylish, cozy and classic rings. Rings enhance the beauty and glamour of your fingers. It adds a flare of style and fashion even to an ordinary finger.

Rings are said to be the most delicate item in the entire women jewelry. It has its own importance and one can’t have stylish and glamorous hands without wearing rings. The types and varieties of rings varies according to occasion, season and often on your taste. If you want to look casual and cozy then you can wear minimal ring, nail file ring, stamp ring, knot ring etc. Continue reading…

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Fashion and Trendy Bangles 2011The beauty and style of a lady is incomplete without jewellery especially of bangles as they add colour, spark and vibrancy to her persona and life. The year of 2011 brings forward bangles 2011 which are simply classy and trendy.

The hand of an Eastern woman looks lifeless and empty without bangles 2011 as they give her a ‘marital glow’ and bring colour to her eyes. Latest bangles are just like bracelets but they are tougher in construction and one doesn’t need a clip or a latch to fit it as a wrist accessory. There are numerous bangles designs in market which you can pair with whatever style statement you want to make.

2011 bangles come in variety beginning from leather hand-painted bangles, wooden bangles, Elegance Pandora Bangle, plastic bangles, gold or silver alloy bangles and you name it. The bangles designs have numerous colours like red, blue, green, white, gold silver, black and you name it. One of the most prominent colours of latest bangles 2011 is a metallic colour which gives you a more corporate or trendy kind of a look and can be worn on all occasions. Continue reading…

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