Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014 by Style 360HUM Network Ltd announced the dates of the 8th installment of Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014 by Style360. The event is scheduled to take place in Karachi from May 9 to 11, 2014.  PBCW by Style360 has been a popular podium from its inception four years ago, for showcasing existing bridal trends and giving designers and makeover artists a platform to fuse both contemporary and traditional styles for the bridal seasons since 2010. Continue reading…

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Pakistan Fashion Week LONDON 25th – 27th May 2012:

This season brings new flavors, as Pakistan’s top designers get ready to showcase their autumn winter collection at Pakistan Fashion Week in London.

With some of the biggest names in Pakistani fashion already signed up, Riwayat would like to announce that Maria B. and Deepak Parwani will be showing their latest cutting edge creations this May at the Pakistan fashion Week in London.

Graduating from the first batch of The Pakistan School of Fashion Design, Maria always wanted to create a ready to wear revolution in Pakistan. With the aim to change Pakistan’s fashion retail market forever, Maria set up the first fashion house of its kind in the country.

Today Maria.B. has 12 stores in Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, as well as five brands under the umbrella. Continue reading…

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Following the success and wide critical acclaim of their two previous weeks of fashion in Lahore [February 2010] and Karachi [November 2010], the Pakistan Fashion Design Council and Sunsilk are back in the cultural capital of Pakistan with their third PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week presenting luxury/prêt a porter fashion for the season.

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week March/April 2011 will be showcasing 25 designers encompassing both the leading names from the industry and exciting emerging talents that the platform continuously aspires to promote through its platform. This season, PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week will be staged on the 29th, 31st and the 1st of April with no shows scheduled for the 30th of March given the significance of the country’s Cricket World Cup 2011 semi final match with India to be played the same day. Continue reading…

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Fashion in Pakistan has gone through a strange transition, from being almost non-existent to the era of boutiques, and gradually landing into the hands of few individuals who laid the foundation of fashion industry.

Pakistani fashion collection is revealing fashions that have its own colours and traditions to make it out of the ordinary. For decades, Pakistani fashion faced continuous oppression but now this fashion scene has changed a lot and Pakistani fashion industry is standing on its own feet with diversity and distinction.

Fashion is a science that needs special effort and hard work, so we can’t forget the chore performed by our renowned fashion designer’s whose efforts made a specific place of Pakistani fashion collection in international fashion world. Collecting fashion is like choosing the flowers of your own choice from a garden full of different & colorful roses. It might bit difficult yet incredibly interesting. You just have to observe around; glance on the past, observe the present and look forward for the upcoming fashion. Now select the one of your own choice. Continue reading…

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With the presence of such a huge wedding industry in the country, Style 360 and J&S collaborate to bring forth Pakistan’s first Bridal Couture Week. This aims to bring talent together under one roof to not only showcase the latest and upcoming trends, but also to serve as a platform to exhibit and connect directly to the end users, i.e. the public. Bridal Couture Week 2010 aims at providing all the stakeholders with an opportunity to showcase, book and engage their direct customer base.

Set in the cultural capital of the country, Lahore, Bridal Couture Week 2010 will run from the 26th to the 28th of November. The three days will showcase an exhibition area, a fashion show runway, and an exuberant media package that will be a treat for viewers, guests, attendees and all the people involved in this endeavor. Continue reading…

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Review of designer, Sara Shahid of Sublime, as she shows her stylish and fun collection at Pakistan Fashion Week

Romanticism coupled with practicality is an irresistible combination. Effortless, and classic is what Sara’s label, Sublime, exudes. The word alone explains what she wants the world to know about her designs. She herself epitomizes her own brand as her elegant and clean designs are worn so well by her. Quite possibly one of the nicest designers in the fashion fraternity, Sara Shahid is never short of a bright smile which is probably why her collection was so fun and fantastic at Pakistan Fashion Week.

Colour Me Sublime was most certainly unexpected and some surprises are worth the wait. The whole collection was sprightly and yet elegant and grown up. The mixture of vibrant colour palettes mixed with flowing chiffons and flattering cuts made this collection oh so buyable because a Sublime outfit is the perfect addition to your spring summer wardrobes for 2010. That’s something I adore about this brand and at Sublime’s Pakistan Fashion Week collection; the designs were very wearable and not just for ramp related drama. Some may say it’s playing safe at Pakistan Fashion Week but those who know what Sublime stands for and portrays, will know that the designer used an array of colours which was unlike her usual colour palette of nudes, neutrals and pastels. Keeping this new element in mind, the designer didn’t fail to bring it to Pakistan Fashion Week. Continue reading…

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This February, Pakistan Fashion Week will take centre stage in Lahore, Pakistan. Thirty-two designers, both recognized and emerging, will use the platform provided by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council to showcase their creations in Lahore Fashion Week.

Sehyr Saigol, Chairperson of PFDC Fashion Week, says, “This Lahore Fashion Week is about fashion with a purpose – reviving Pakistan’s cottage industries, mobilizing young designers, getting serious about business and organizing tie-ups to create value added products with a designer twist!”

Frieha Altaf, former model and the event manager, said, “Having been in the industry for over two decades, Lahore Fashion Week is the milestone that I feel we need to conquer. Our designers are hugely talented and can create markets abroad. It will affect fashion week in years to come and will change the economics of the industry.” Continue reading…

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