Preet Na Karyio Koi DramaNewest play, Preet Na Kariyo Koi is an intertwined story of Shagufta, Ilyas and Shams. Shagufta is a simple village girl who’s engaged to her cousin Ilyas who runs a clothing shop and stays away from street fights and corporate politics, but Shagufta considers him to be weak and dreams of marrying a bold and courageous man who can stand up for himself and his family. Continue reading…

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Janam Jali - Title Pic

The story of Janam Jali revolves around Bayjee who believes that it is her right to mistreat her two daughters-in-law because she was mistreated by her mother-in-law. Continue reading…

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Iztraab: Drama ReviewZara is a liberal woman who is married to Jazib, a conservative man. This conflict in viewpoints leads to separation between Zara and Jazib, who is now the custodian of their two kids. Meanwhile Jazib falls in love and marry his cousin Dua.  Continue reading…

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Pakistani Drama Rangeelay Poster

Rangeelay’s protagonist, Seth Ismail, is an extremely miserly person, because of which his wife, Shehnaz has become sick of him. Their daughter, Sarah, is extremely beautiful, while Danish, is the other important character in the serial, lazy habits have resulted in him becoming financially indebted to Seth Ismail. Seth Ismail, along with his wife and daughter move into Danish’s house, following which such foolish activities take place that viewers are bound to find them hilarious. Continue reading…

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Whether you are settled in Pakistan or in abroad, your Pakistani mood can only feel entertained by watching Pakistani Drama Serials. All over the world Pakistani drama serials have always been popular and much liked. The major reasons behind the huge fan following of Pakistani drama serials are the strong story plots, the catchy dialogues and of course the fantastic acting of our Pakistani actors. If you are also one of the fans of Pakistani drama serials here is the list of 10 best Pakistani drama serials 2013 to help to select your pick.

1. Dil-e-Muzter:

Dil-e-Muzter - 10 Best Pakistani Drama Serials 2013

This is one of the10 best Pakistani drama serials 2013 with a simple story and intense acting from Imran Abbas and Sanam Jang. This Pakistani drama serial is airing on Hum TV which revolves around Sila, the only child of rich parents, who fell in love with her cousin Adeel and got married to him against her parents’ will. The beautifully shot drama is a directorial debut of Shahzaad Kashmiri. Continue reading…

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Pakistani dramas have always been popular all around the globe for their uniqueness, classic appeal and association with the reality.

But recently, Pakistani dramas have brought another revolution for the Pakistani media popularity on a global platform and that is, the growing trend of heart-taking title songs of the Pakistani dramas. Continue reading…

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Latest Pakistani DramasDramas of Pakistan have always remained captivating. Latest Pakistani dramas are by no means lagging behind as they are keeping up the tradition.Pakistani dramas 2011 focus the major dilemmas and issues of our social system.

The peculiarity of latest Pakistani dramas is their intricate plots which don’t allow the viewer to switch the channel and wait for the coming ups. Topped up with the plot perfection of Pakistani dramas 2011 comes the variety of unique and virgin topics. Continue reading…

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