23rd march

Pakistan day is celebrated ever year on 23rd march with immense enthusiasm to commemorate and applaud the achievement of the hard working leaders for passing the great Pakistan Resolution on 23rd March 1940. It was on 23rd March that the goal of achieving a separate homeland for Muslims was announced formally for the first time. Continue reading…

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Zest and enthusiasm of this day can be observed on every face but the glowing faces of kids had no comparison that make this day more beautiful and special for every flag-waver. Jovial laughter in good spirits, green badges, green and white dresses and small flags turn out to be the code of every kid without prior instruction. Most of the kids never agree to compromise on any of these Independence Day items to make their day more cheerful.

Independence Day celebrations have their own charisma that seems to be a moment of joy for every kid who are always on forefront whether we talk about independence day decoration with flags, paper chain, special ceremonies arranged in different schools and institutions or wearing of special green and white dresses. This green and white celebration creates a joyful moment for every kid and most of them know about the importance of this day better than their elders.

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Origin of LibertyIndependence Day is an event of rejoice and celebration for all Pakistanis. This day holds immense importance for us due to the fact that it is a remembrance of the end of all slavery of the people of Pakistan (mostly Muslims). Preparations start as the month of August commences and each year the entire nation is decorated with flags and lights. Various events include Flag Hoisting Ceremony in provinces and capitals as well as schools along with numerous cultural events are conducted. Continue reading…

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23rd march is being held with patriotic zeal in Pakistan as Pakistan resolutions day. The day at Pakistan was destined to be made. Each and every Pakistani enjoys this day with the proud history he have. Let’s have a look upon the 23rd march celebrations in Pakistan.

The 23rd march has a patriotic spirit associated with it. Going back to the history we know that on 23rd march 1940 the resolution for Pakistan was approved.

This resolution was a milestone in the history of making Pakistan since all of Muslims of sub continent became agreed on making a homeland for themselves where they can live with comfort. Pakistan day is observed not only by the people of Pakistan but nationally too which is what it deserves. Pakistan day parade is one of the examples of celebrating it on national level. Continue reading…

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People all around the world celebrate their independence day in their own style that reflects the picture of their cultural traditions.

Every year on 14th of August people of Pakistan all around the world celebrate their Independence Day in their own national style. This day reminds us the efforts of our national heroes who freed Pakistan from British rule and make it an independent state.

People celebrate Independence Day by hoisting flags on their houses, painting their vehicles, pasting flags on them, playing national anthem and organizing special cultural events to make this day etched in their mind. Continue reading…

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Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions and the spirit of men and so it must be refreshed, it must be celebrated and it must be expressed through joy and youthful spirit of happiness for it is the day that our forefathers gifted us and a gift must be taken care of.

‘Tere bina dil na lagay Pakistan’ our identity as Pakistani is something that makes us connect to this country, her founders and her warm and cozy bosom that bonds us with the blood of our forefathers. Every year Pakistanis celebrate 14th August, Pakistan’s Independence Day with vigor and zest. From school going kids to an elderly citizen, from a cozy coffee parlor to a musical concert, every person celebrates it in the light of his own profession.

Singers and musicians show their love in the form of national songs and music videos. Designers go creative with green and white combination to represent the spirit and culture of Pakistan. School and clubs hold cultural and patriotic events to through light on Pakistan’s history. University and college going youth too participate in the celebrations in their own zingy ways.

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If the 14th of August has become just another day off work, maybe this is the year to put a little oomph back into your celebration of our country’s birth. All you need to do is to get hold of green and white clothes, sparklers, travel guides and books related to Independence struggle.

Visit one of the places like Minar-e-Pakistan where the urge for freedom took place and finally led to the foundation of Pakistan. Take a ride to your nearby parks, or go through the fields to understand the value of being a Pakistani.

Help your children plant a tree or raise a flag on your house.

Read books related to the life of our Father of Nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, travel guides etc can help you understand the importance of Pakistan. Continue reading…

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