The Joy of RamadanWith Ramadan being the most religious time of the year, we learn to come together with family and friends to celebrate and learn from the past year. The month of fasting brings us spiritual reflection and charity to the less fortunate. We sit down with a few fashion designers to catch up on their lives during Ramadan and their prospect on Eid. Continue reading…

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Kids Summer Camps Trend in Pakistani SchoolSummer school is planned by many schools in leading cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad but in other small cities it is still not a very common sight. Though all over the world summer camp is usually organized to offer students some learning and recreational activities such as mathematics, yoga, music and performing arts etc. But in Pakistan it is given a different definition. In Pakistan, summer camp in school is like a short time school where they have to where uniform and attend regular classes. Continue reading…

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Do you go to office? Have you started the boring white collar 5 to 9 job? Are you a father? If you have a positive answer to any of these questions then you simply would be familiar with the feeling.

The feeling ; how you get nostalgic every time you see a childhood friend from your school, the moment you hug your friend, greet him, the feeling within you that puts a smile on your face.

The feeling that is a mix of happiness and sadness; it remind you of those huge rooms, with a lot of desks and chairs, those wide windows, those blackboards, chalks when you didn’t know what life actually is? All you were bothered about was how fancy your pencil box is, what cartoon is on your bag, what your mom gave for the lunch? Those were the days, the best days, school days were the best. Continue reading…

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School life is the easiest phase of life where there are no responsibilities or at least not as big as feeding a household or paying the bills. In school life one understands the meaning of friendship and makes many friends out of which some last for a lifetime.

These friends have done everything together they are like partners in crime, they have played video games, running and cycling in the streets, carrying out mischievous activities and living life.

It is that phase of life where money doesn’t matter, one doesn’t need money to continuously live, parents are there to take care of them and they don’t need to do anything at all. Continue reading…

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College life is all about exploring you, making friends, learning things about life, hanging out with friends, understanding relationships; it is like the journey from adolescent to adulthood. Friends are what college life revolves around, some friendships last a life time while others might fade out with time.

College life is full of adventure and energy; it is the time when you can wake up one morning, call your friends, make a plan and leave for the mountains without thinking about anything. Continue reading…

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Femininity is adorable, as it means all the delicate emotions of love, purity, virginity, politeness, sincerity, sensitivity, calmness, and beauty personified. Whereas, the tomboy nature shows off the masculine side with all the rough and tough looks, manners and emotions. The tomboy behavior and emotions if talked about are totally deprived of all the feminine icons.

In Pakistani scenario where women assume a submissive role in society and hardly ever get opportunities of coming on fore front to expose their talent and qualities, the only way out of getting an escape attained by most of the Pakistani girls is wearing a tomboy nature and mask up their true side. Moreover, by showing off tomboy behavior, it becomes easier to get fame among their female peers. the submissive and suppressed group of Pakistani girls is sure to develop a liking for these seemingly tomboys as it is easy to date a tomboy masked girl instead of a real guy with whom they are not allowed to go out! Continue reading…

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