Truck Art - Pakistani Fashion to the core!There is something very distinguishing and remarkable about having your own culture being incorporated in the fashion scenario of today. The Pakistani fashion scene has witnessed a complete turn nowadays and it is seen to be exploring its own indigenous roots; with peacock prints and truck and rickshaw embellishments emerging as the new and in thing.

Truck and bus art was mainly introduced in the country initially by public transport owners to attract more passengers. But gradually, it became the norm; not so much in public transports but with trucks and rickshaws, to have colorful and delightful vehicles full of inspirational quotes, local lollywood actors, song lyrics or folk tales. Now it is an inherent part of the Pakistani culture, and what may appear brassy and gaudy to some, is in all its glory the very heritage we are proud of. Continue reading…

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The latest spring collection 2011 maintains the feeling of softness and nostalgia of charm since the themes of latest spring trend is following a sophisticated look with the digital prints, subtle silks and fine cottons that give a refines and luxurious look to the latest spring fashion collection. This spring is all about being passionate with colours that evoke the inner feelings of happiness and joy. Besides that the spring 2011 collection includes the explosions of prints with geometrical accents, Indian flowers, folk music kitsch, cartoon influences and the mis of creative patchwork of

The creativity of the latest spring collection 2011 has made the spring collection the more authentic for every woman with a variety of mixes of feminist trends including a pinch of biker styled coughs and designs.

Besides the exotic blend of colours and prints the embroideries and beautifully painted and laced outfits have also taken over the latest spring 2011 collection to beat the latest fashion collection of the year. Continue reading…

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Hey All Fashion folks the New Year is about to start, the countdown is started. The celebrations are about to begin. This New Year eve follow the upcoming fashion trends 2011.Read the article and have the New Year celebration eve idea.

The New Year is about to arrive and yeah the fashion designers all over the world has shown their real dedication towards their work. They have designed the fashion trends 2011 for you. You can adopt these fashion trends 2011 and be the center of attraction on the eve of New Year celebrations. Let’s have a look on the fashion trends 2011. Continue reading…

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