The ultimate skin care regimen— Kyoku For MenIntroducing a brand that infuses traditional methods of skin care with state-of-the art technology, Kyoku For Men brings a range of products created particularly for men’s skin type. The creator of Kyoku for Men, Asim Akhtar, wanted to launch a brand that would inculcate all natural ingredients to effectively enhance men’s particular skin type.   Continue reading…

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The history of perfumes goes back to the ancient Egyptian civilization however; many historians believe perfumes to be older than they are thought to be.

The scent, fragrances and the aroma of perfumes has known to mesmerize many since ages.

Perfumes have proved to be the biggest factor in attracting people and humans have always loved wearing fragrances.

In the earlier times, fragrances were worn just by the rich or the religious people of an area as a ritual.

With  the passage of time, fragrances turned into a major fashion statement as perfumes and now, men and women both cannot even think of living a day without their favorite fragrances! Continue reading…

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Welcome winters with a colourful addition to your wardrobe. You would have been sick of years old grey and black winter clothing, just make the winters more exciting this time.  Don’t forget to choose colourful stockings and tights.

Now the question is how we decide on the colour of the stockings or tights. The choice of colour should depend on the outfit you want to wear with the stockings or tights as well as on the occasion you want to wear them on.

Subtle colours can be worn with evening and high fashion formal dresses where as for casual and day wear we can go for bright colours. Since winter mornings are generally gloomy bright coloured stockings and tights will help us add some colours to the outfit and the winter mornings. Continue reading…

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The Luscious foundation stick is a revolutionary brightening Cream Foundation infused with Licorice extract for a visibly fairer complexion. The ultra-smooth and lightweight formula provides a soft matte finish.

The foundation stick is designed for easy application and adjustable coverage as the creamy formula effortlessly glides across the skin for a long lasting, radiant result.

The latest product by Luscious Cosmetics endeavours to makes your skin feel pampered and velvety while covering dark areas and blemishes for an even skin tone.

The Luscious foundation stick is suitable for all skin types except extremely oily skin and is also dermatologically tested.

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A novel campaign was arranged by beauty and personal care brand Capri at Park Towers Karachi recently where people enjoyed a host of activities including pink pampering, beauty advice and guidance from beauty experts and more, all to create a Pink impact for those in attendance. The four day long activity was in line with the pink variant of Capri Soap that has been doing the rounds with media  personality, Ayesha Omar as its Brand Ambassador. With this activity, Capri gave the phrase “Paint the Town Pink” literal meaning by creating a unique experience for everyone in attendance. Aptly named, Pretty in Pink, the campaign commenced with a unique idea of giving out invitations for the activation through a vehicle based activity by driving around Karachi in a Capri Pink Car, which ladies, especially young girls who collected these and eagerly waited to visit the Capri Pink Lounge. Continue reading…

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Always keeping a good style & beauty enhance the personality no matter what age you are. Ups & Downs are the part of life, the main thing is this that you are special and you shouldn’t ignore yourself. Own the eye catching beauty & style in every stage of age. A few simple & easy tricks can make you look cute & younger no matter what age you are.

Beauty Care:

Always maintain a good hygiene. Bad hygiene, bad body odor greasy skin etc cant make you stylish and cute. Always take special care of your skin of all body no matter what your age. Continue reading…

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Truck Art - Pakistani Fashion to the core!There is something very distinguishing and remarkable about having your own culture being incorporated in the fashion scenario of today. The Pakistani fashion scene has witnessed a complete turn nowadays and it is seen to be exploring its own indigenous roots; with peacock prints and truck and rickshaw embellishments emerging as the new and in thing.

Truck and bus art was mainly introduced in the country initially by public transport owners to attract more passengers. But gradually, it became the norm; not so much in public transports but with trucks and rickshaws, to have colorful and delightful vehicles full of inspirational quotes, local lollywood actors, song lyrics or folk tales. Now it is an inherent part of the Pakistani culture, and what may appear brassy and gaudy to some, is in all its glory the very heritage we are proud of. Continue reading…

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