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While several fashion weeks – including those in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore – are organized in India, the country’s fashion calendar is set to add new dates. The first fashion week specifically for jewellery, the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW), is being held from August 15-19.

“This is a fabulous platform for jewellery designers to come together and showcase their talent. The fashion industry has its events but this is the first time that the jewellery industry will witness something like this,”said Farah Khan Ali, who will showcase her designs at the event.

“We want to showcase jewellery as a piece of art and not just an investment.” Continue reading…

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Pearls are usually the most important conspicuous piece of jewellery- whether on the ear, wrist, finger, or around the neck. Pearls speak to every life style and any personality type that believes in personal adornment.

Distinctive, bold pearl jewellery is the order of the day. Increasingly, fashion is placing pearl jewellery back at the heart of things. These jewels of the sea are once again in demand.

Pearls are the part of parade, and the charm of the latest creations is derived from the pearl’s transition from some what timid and dignified to wild and raucous. Former classics like softly- glowing chokers with perfectly matched rounds, paired with the classic “little black dress” are giving way to distinctive, colorful pearls in fantastic  shapes and forms. The latest fashion designs hark back to the roaring twenties, with plunging necklines and long chains of pearls. Colliers with pearl designs or long, multiple-rowed chains knotted at the ends- shining accessories for the wild Charleston dances of the 1920s- are being reawakened. Continue reading…

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When it comes to jewellery, Indo Pak subcontinent has witnessed the beauty of woman in many ways. Popularly known as anklets, payal, or paazaib is worn around the ankle and it also reflects our culture. It is an important part of our formal wear and available in different colours, styles and sizes.

Anklets are an important part of ornamentation and also carries important social significance. Anklets form a must part of Pakistani jewellery. From beaded to highly ornamental ones, you will find anklet jewellery in various formats. Young girls and newly wedded brides love to wear it on all occasions. Mostly, Pakistani married women prefer to wear payal made of silver, as the gold one carries a bad omen but can be worn at any other time.

The jangle of this jewellery carries soft musical sounds which are associated with romantic and traditional roots. Lollywood and Bollywood movies are filled with heroines dancing and showing their heavily decorated anklets in style and hero getting crazy just by the lovely sound of it. This Pakistani jewellery has inspired women authentically and compliment a woman’s feet. Continue reading…

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For every Pakistan girl, diamond is her best friend. So check out the latest fashion gadget, Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring which is a representative of true love, has a brilliant jewel and strong enough to cut glass. This is a perfect Pakistani gift for one truly unique person that you love and cherish for a lifetime.

No matter how many diamond rings you may have seen, be prepared to be dazzled. When you view the exquisite selection of diamonds in Pakistani specially designed titanium tension setting and feel the lightness of the ring on your finger, you will see why a titanium setting is fast becoming the preferred choice of Pakistani couples who are planning their Pakistani wedding; more than platinum or gold. This beautiful Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring is affordable bridal jewellery which starts with this 14k White gold Engagement ring. Continue reading…

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It seems as if Pakistani ladies are dreaming about diamonds once again and why not, after all diamonds are girl’s best friend. Specially designed diamond bridal sets, even fake ones will add to her irresistible beauty especially on her wedding day.

They say dreams are dreams and can never become true but this is so false in this case. When you glance at the diamond jewellery you feel like grabbing it as each crystal of diamond has been put with utmost delicacy in the precious metal setting and made to be worn on her Pakistani wedding.

Diamond bridal sets are especially for her; also the diamond bridal set rings are designed with the incorporation of original and unique designs set in stylized fashion. Diamond bridal sets are definitely going to stay on her forever and therefore are to be chosen with utmost care and thought.

Pakistani diamond sets are famous for its wide range of styles designs and delicate handwork. They are always blended with gold, silver, platinum and white gold. Pakistani diamond sets is famous for its wide range of styles designs and delicate handwork. Continue reading…

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Finally the summer has arrived in Pakistan and now is a time to celebrate and garb the glitz and glow of Pakistani fashion jewellery trend and make a fashion statement. The year 2010 is going to be a celebration of stylish flower, stone and crystal jewellery in Pakistan.

Summer glow is going to be apparent in Pakistani fashion jewellery trend of 2010. The summer will see huge popularity of the dazzling crystal and stone jewellery and fashion accessories in Pakistan.

For us Pakistani women who love everything that glitters like diamond are on the look out of artificial jewellery especially since the gold has become a dream.

The feel of jewellery against your perfect skin carries various imitations in artificial stones, tones and materials and creates a feel of diamond and gold. Continue reading…

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Undoubtedly, jewelry is the weakness of most of the women. Some ladies love to wear jewelry and they are just crazy about the accessories they carries, particularly the jewelry they wear.

There are many types of fashionable jewelry to make the women more beautiful; like the old traditional one, which we at times call the antique jewelry, the gold (which has been the most common and likeable type of jewelry for women from centuries), silver jewelry and diamond jewelry, the delicate crystal & small beats jewelry, the jewelry consists of stones, etc.

Besides all these kinds of jewelry, there is another unique/latest type of jewelry named ‘the Funky Jewelry’. Funky jewelry, which is easily affordable & available in the markets now-a-days, is gaining much popularity with the every passing day. It is a good idea to give funky jewelry as gift. The uniqueness of the jewelry is its new designs and the colorful looks. The different multi-colors of the funky ornaments appear so attractive and became the reason of its fame. You can have matching funky jewelry with any of your dress and then can have a new fresh & striking look; as wearing funky jewelry simply means to have a different & new look, which you had never before.

The most common charms of the funky jewelry include the earrings, rings, necklaces, and especially the bracelets. Once you started wearing these trinkets, it become difficult to stop yourself. The colorful beats and buttons seem so catchy that any girl can easily become a fan of them. The different types of bracelets take account of tooth brush bracelets, Bee bracelets, origami bracelets, Potato chip bag bracelets, Tetris bracelets, button bracelets, etc. The exciting range of pendants includes stones pendants, lovely octopus necklace, Glass Tetris necklace, Lotus Love necklace, Freckle in the spring deer Photograph pendant, Robot Glazed Ceramic Clay Pendant, Hello Pendant, Cute animal Glass pendants, Maximum Fringe necklace, Open & Closed necklace, In a Pickle glass bottle pendant, etc. Other then these the interesting variety of rings comprise of Craved hand Cast Resin Cocktail rings, Decoupage Eye boll rings, Multiple Flower rings, etc. The funky range of ear-rings includes Phone Jack ear-rings, Red Dahlia ear-rings, Fabric Scrap ear-rings, etc.

So try this exclusive type of jewelry, by adding the colorful collection of Funky charms in your fashion statement.

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You must have heard that weddings are planned on heaven but celebrated on earth. There are many interesting & different ways to celebrate weddings joyfully. Every country or culture has its own style/tradition to celebrate weddings and engagements; according to their norms and values.

Like many other things, engagement and wedding rings plays really very beautiful role in making the relation more memorable & romantic between the two love birds. The tradition of engagement and wedding rings is not new in most of the cultures. Engagement and wedding rings have their own significance in binding two people in the new relation. Engagement and wedding rings remind the importance of that person, entered in your life, in other words they keep that person close to you in the form of engagement and wedding rings.

Engagement and wedding rings are not restricted for the women; men are also a part of this celebration equally, to have their ideal engagement and wedding rings. In this way both of them can share the same feelings through this delicate jewelry; engagement and wedding rings.

There are many types of engagement and wedding rings, like gold engagement and wedding rings, white gold engagement and wedding rings, Gem stone engagement and wedding rings, silver engagement and wedding rings, and especially diamond rings.  You must be careful while choosing your desired engagement and wedding rings; to get the perfect one. You need to be choosy about engagement and wedding rings because you buy your engagement and wedding rings almost once in your lifetime; but due to the lack of experience & knowledge about selecting the wonderful ring, you can present the incorrect ring to your sweetheart.

Engagement and wedding rings is the master key that opens the new door of happiness, so you should be touchy in presenting the ring to your life partner.

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Khaadi is one of the most dependable and wearable stuff to enjoy in most of the seasons in a year. Any time in any season its quality remained unbeatable. Particularly to re-fresh the summer season when comes with its full bloom. Khaadi stuffed brands or products are not only restricted within clothes & fabric; you can enjoy Khaadi in your hand bags, foot wears and other home accessories.

The most important reason for the reliability of this stuff is that it is trendy and comfortable so that everyone can easily carry. This might be the reason that you will find a huge range of Khaadi in different varieties in almost every market. Majorly Khaadi is best known for its autograph three piece suits with straight lines and plain shalwars, cotton silk with sequins and motifs, especially wearable for formal evening wear and pure silk suits which can go for both wedding and party functions. These are some of the ideas that can be considered as Khaadi’s Hallmark.

Another noteworthy thing about Khaadi is that it is affordable and people from almost every walk of life belongs to almost every class can easily reach up to this trendy stuff. There is also a range in semi-formal readymade short tunics as well. In summer season Khaadi is available in many colors, mostly in light colors range; but the combination of Black and white never goes out of the fashion.

Besides in fabrics, you can get Khaadi in your bags and foot wear additionally. The sandals, pumps and especially flip flops with beads and bows are also gaining prominence day-by-day. The interesting thing about the Khaadi footwear is that they are also very comfortable that’s why usually available in casual footwear.

Next to the footwear, khaadi is also available in the jewelry items too. Metal has got a little bit space along with the khaadi in jewelry. Also the pure silver bangles, bracelets, ear rings, with the touch of khaadi. These jewelry items are no doubt opens new door in the field of jewelry making.

So get ready to enjoy the colorful Khaadi clothes, footwear & jewelry or a match of all these at a time in this summer.

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These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.

~George Eliot

For centuries jewelry remained as one of the tools of making the women more attractive. Women of every culture from all over the world use different types of jewelry to make them more beautiful. But no doubt selection of jewelry and wearing the right kind is an Art.

In common practice mostly ladies chose the jewelry according to their dress color and after getting inspiration by the shiny attractive outlook of the jewelry. Only few females keep the shape of their face in mind while selecting the jewelry. If you will carry the jewelry opposite to your face shape, it will hardly suit you. So to enhance your grace, choose the jewelry according to your face shape and complexion as well.

If you are a bulky or bit fat woman with a bulky & small neck as well then go for the light jewelry, it will definitely add grace in your personality and helps you to look decent. On the contrary if a bulky woman wears heavy & broad jewelry then she simply kills the attraction of her neck and face by hiding half of the portion by heavy jewelry. Rectangular light shaped jewelry also suits the rounded shaped necks.

If you have got long and bit thin neck then you should wear broad shaped jewelry to maintain a nice balance. Long face shaped females should wear rounded and rectangular shaped jewelry to have an elegant look. Normal shaped ladies; those who neither got round nor too long, can wear almost every type of jewelry. Almost every kind of jewelry suits them if they carry it elegantly.

Now-a-days it’s very easy to prepare the jewelry on order, according to your own desire. Gems trend in jewelry is also in use at many places. So now everybody can have her own desired jewelry, according to dress color, face shape & complexion etc.

It is also a common saying that women’s beauty is incomplete without the jewelry. So always select the right kind of jewelry to give you a complete & perfect female look.

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