pakistani bridal dress A Pakistani wedding is an occasion that provides a call for celebrations, along with the excitement of flashy bridal dresses that are the basic color of the whole event. The bride makes all possible effort to look beautiful on her wedding day by choosing elegant Pakistani bridal dress, traditional jewelry and exquisite makeup.

The selection of Pakistani bridal dress is the most difficult job to do in the wedding season. As fashion trends change, the demands and requirements of Pakistani bridal dress also changes. There is a variety of luxurious attires available for the brides to pick up their desirable Pakistani bridal dress including sharara, lenhgas, sarees, salwar kameez, as well as, pishwas. While you are selecting your choice of bridal dress, keep in mind these style tips to help you make the right decision.

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hits-of-islamabad-fashion-week Timeless glory of Islamabad fashion week (IFW) includes an arena of Pakistani fashion depicted by many seasoned and budding Pakistani fashion designers, stylists and fashion choreographers over Islamabad fashion runway.

Islamabad Fashion Week (IFW) bashed with latest trends and styles at Serena Hotel, Islamabad with four zestful days from 27 January 2011 to 30 January 2011. The show aimed to mark both history and inclusion of Islamabad in the world’s fashion capitals incorporating renowned Pakistani fashion designers and fashion brands together with fresh talent to get access over international buyers and to enhance opportunity of international business interest in Pakistan’s fabric. Continue reading…

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Kersi Dubash of Nazakat Collection after exhibiting his sparkling collection of attire and accessories with all beauty and style in Lahore rocked around capital city Islamabad  last week. The collection exclusively based on Indian theme.

A weeklong exhibition by Kersi Dubash of Nazakat Collection at Jacaranda Guest House containing captivating variety of Indian dresses like Indian saris, shalwar kameez, jewellary and bags continued to attract large number of fashionistas especially women there in Islamabad that was supposed to end on 22nd January, Saturday. Continue reading…

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The concept of tikka jewellery has been old as the civilisation itself. A wedding function is incomplete without the tikka trend and jewellery. Pakistani fashionable jewellery has always remained beautiful and has always enhanced the beauty of both men and women.

Among the various items of fashionable jewellery tikka adds elegance and prettiness to women. There is a wide range of tikka trends for many occasions such as birthdays, wedding, anniversary and many more. Girls and women love to wear tikka on wedding occasions. Continue reading…

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Bangles are the most wanted accessory of a lady, weather she belongs to any corner of world or any age group. The bangles just give a beautiful look to the girl’s wrist..! Lets explore this very beautiful and always in trend bangles. Have this informative note on the bangles.

The word bangles are derived from the word “bugri” which means the glass in Hindu language. The usage and invention of bangles begins with the Hindu history. Continue reading…

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Glow in the dark jewellery trend has become very popular among people of all ages. There are so many glows in the dark jewellery that you can light up with these jewellery accessories. It is inexpensive, creative and includes glow bracelets, glow necklaces, glow pins and glow rings etc.

Glow jewellery, are fun and creative items of dark jewellery and are great for parties that take place at night. The jewellery trend offers a variety of colours like purple, pink and yellow and one glow bracelet can have up to three colours in one. These bracelets usually only come in one size which fits almost any size of wrist. Continue reading…

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Jewellery trends continue to change like four seasons, at the end of the day all that is important is to have your own unique tastes. 2010 brings forward some very fashionable and trendy rings which can be worn by both men and women.     

Article: Rings are ruling this season and there is so much to select from, all you have to do is to grab your bags and visit your nearest shop which offers variety in terms of colours, gem stones and designs.

Whether you are looking for something flashy, small or big, jewellery rings, there are many to choose from. For example Heart shaped rings, given on Valentine’s Day makes a perfect gift for your beloved, – another symbolic ring, Swarovski crystal do a few of these beautiful crystal rings.

These fashionable rings come in numerous gemstones, diamonds and look beautiful for both men and women. Another jewellery ring of 2010, statement is Murano Rings from Venice, which are made from hand-blown glass, with gold scattered in them, in all shapes and sizes. Stunning Black Teardrop fashionable ring with Swarovski crystals is also in. The list of jewellery 2010

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