Zara Shahjahan Lawn

As first announced in January, leading couturier Zara Shahjahan will launch her label’s independent Spring / Summer 2015 Lawn collection with 18 innovative designs nationwide from 21st March 2015. Continue reading…

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lawn dresses

Din Group started operations in 1954 and now is one of the largest exporters in Pakistan. Satisfying the plethora of customers all around the globe has been their aim and is a strong indication of their ability to meet international standards.

Din Industries has combined its expertise to bring you a premium-clothing brand SNM. This will be your total style guide, with a team of professionals that possess many years of experience and a great sense of aesthetics. Continue reading…

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eye makeup

Things like free pie, your eye shadow, or your prosecco-induced buzz never seems to last forever. Many beauty tutorials say that in order to make your eye shadow last long you should use a primer, like the famous one from Urban Decay. But using a primer can make a shadow harder to blend in. So here, Gucci Cosmetics makeup artist Aaron Henrikson will show us alternative trick to making your eye shadow last forever and the colors look extra vibrant. Continue reading…

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Blonde Hair Dress

Blonde females have an entirely different look to them and in order to warm up the icy beauty in them, there are certain colors which make them stand out even more. It is often said that it is harder to dress as a blonde then as a brunette so, here are some ravishing colors to make you look stunning and flaunt your blonde hair in the most beautiful way. Continue reading…

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This season, pioneering ready to wear brand, Generation, launches its Spring Summer 2015 collection, “Indigo Dreams” under their Generation Woman Line. Continue reading…

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L’Oréal Paris, the world’s leading beauty brand, exclusively launched the Color Riche Exclusive Pure Reds Collection, a collection of matte reds, in association with acclaimed fashion design house Sublime by Sara. Continue reading…

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personal grooming

Have you heard grandparents asking you not to study or watch television in a dim light? Your parents telling you to sleep for 8 hours, Mothers asking their children to cover their heads if it’s wet, and its cold outside, similar questions raise when it comes to superstitions or myths, that whether they are true or just misconceptions? Continue reading…

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