Festive Celebrations of Eid Day 2

Festive Celebrations of Eid Day 2We all know about the celebrations of Eid day. Getting up pretty early in the morning, grooming ourselves, heading out for Eid prayers and then enjoy the fun filled Eid with our family, friends and relatives, delicious foods and Eidi. Every little thing on Eid day is all about happiness.

Celebrations of Eid day 2 are pretty much the same as Eid day one. We all enjoy Eid day 2 celebrations by spending time with our families and friends. Usually people prefer visiting their relatives on the 2nd day of Eid especially those whom we have not met in a while. The moment is indeed full of joy when you some of your relatives just surprising you by appearing at your door step. The moment and feeling of greeting each other cannot be explained in words. Well this is a very common celebration of Eid day 2. But people of different age groups have different plans of celebrating the 2nd day of Eid to enjoy their Eid day to the fullest. Here is how they celebrate their Eid day 2.

Let us start with how kids celebrate their 2nd day of Eid. Well for kids, Eid day 2 is no different from Eid day 1. The same happy faces having fun with cousins, siblings and friends, eating snacks and sweets, dressing up with style and trying to look cool and of course collecting Eidi from elders, counting them and showing it off to friends and having fun spending it on their favorite things. For kids celebrations of all three days are the same because there are formalities of Eid but kids don’t have to worry about them. It is all about fun and happiness.

Now comes the teenagers or shall I say the youth. For them it is all about spending the Eidi day 2 hanging out friends, chilling and relaxing.  Beach, parks, restaurants, cafés and movies are the favorite hangouts of the teenagers where they have fun with their buddies. The young adults also like to spend their time attending concerts and events by their favorite bands and singers and rock on with them.  Most of the youth prefers hanging out in cafés and checking out the new movies. Out of the very few, spend their time at home relaxing and sleeping.
Now there are adults. Adults are usually caught up in the formalities and looking after the guests. Women are usually busy in the house work cooking delicious foods and serving the guests and everyone else while men usually roam around with their friends, families or take the kids out who are eager to spend their Eidi on something whether it on snacks or tickets to the rides in the amusement parks, kids just love spending it.

There are some people who also love to spend their time at relaxing and chilling and watching Eid special shows on television aired from different TV channels. Sitcoms, concerts, movies, special dramas, though the annoying part about Eid special transmission are the never ending commercials breaks. We know that commercials are important for TV channels for earning money but mostly the Eid special transmissions are like special commercial transmissions with small shows break instead commercial breaks. But still even after that the whole family enjoys watching TV as the TV channels aim for family entertainment. What will be better than watching a good TV show with your whole family on Eid.

This is how people usually celebrate their Eid day 2 and I hope you enjoy your Eid to the fullest. Wishing you all a very happy Eid. Have fun.

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