How to Convert from Tomboy to Girly Girl

Femininity is adorable, as it means all the delicate emotions of love, purity, virginity, politeness, sincerity, sensitivity, calmness, and beauty personified. Whereas, the tomboy nature shows off the masculine side with all the rough and tough looks, manners and emotions. The tomboy behavior and emotions if talked about are totally deprived of all the feminine icons.

In Pakistani scenario where women assume a submissive role in society and hardly ever get opportunities of coming on fore front to expose their talent and qualities, the only way out of getting an escape attained by most of the Pakistani girls is wearing a tomboy nature and mask up their true side. Moreover, by showing off tomboy behavior, it becomes easier to get fame among their female peers. the submissive and suppressed group of Pakistani girls is sure to develop a liking for these seemingly tomboys as it is easy to date a tomboy masked girl instead of a real guy with whom they are not allowed to go out!

One day or the other these tomboy natured Pakistani girls are sure to realize that they are missing something important and that is…their true identity towards which they feel like reverting back. Also they realize that boys prefer Girly Girls wearing pinks with high heels and shaking off their long and silky hair. Here comes a question of how to convert from a tomboy to Girly Girl!

The Pakistani girls experiencing this dilemma must not lose hope as Fashion Central has the remedy. Here are the punch ideas of converting back to girly girls.

  1. Convert for yourself: The first step towards the journey of finding back your true identify is the motivation which sprouts from within. You need to throw away the tomboy behavior from the deep you and convince yourself that whatever you are doing, you are doing it for yourself and not for any alien figure that is some guy you want to pursue or anyone else. If you are not convinced thoroughly, it is difficult to become a timid and shy Pakistani girl who would be wearing a doppata later on!
  2. Hate blues, n love Pinks: Stop buying vintage material rather think pink. Think of choori dar pyjamas along with eastern cut long lengthed shirts with embroided stuffs.
  3. Idealise femininity: Try to perceive the real side of every Pakistani girl and choose a role model for yourself amongst any of the feminine figures around you. Even if you have developed a tomboy nature just because you don’t find girls worthy of being a role model because of their showy and hypocrite behaviour. You can seek for a glamorous yet graceful and intelligent role model.
  4. Be Polite: Tomboys never mind burping in front of their friends, or cracking dirty jokes with loud laughter’s and winks but girls do! this is what you need to hammer in your brains every day, no matter how much temptation do you have of not following a Pakistani girl‘s code of ethics.
  5. Behave girly but don’t overdo: The change or conversion from a tomboy to girly girl should be so gradual and quiet that it doesn’t shock your peers. There should not be a superficial, showy and over acting kind of stuff as your friends might label you as hypocrite and start avoiding you. Peers opinion really matters!
  6. Start wearing light eyemakeup: Remember that use of eye shadows along with eye liners and mascaras can impart a girly girl conversion from a drenched eye tomboy.
  7. Keep yourself tidy and clean: Not taking showers in daily routine is pet tomboy behavior. So try to avoid every ingredient that forms tomboy nature as your destination is on the other side. Pakistani girls are usually very clean and tidy and their dress and style is never as casual as that of tomboys.
  8. Change your hair style: Changing the hair style can help you convert your appearance to a large extent. Pakistani girls are usually very conscious about their hair styles and so can you be one.

Hope to see the true you!

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