The tiny bits of fennel fruits – ‘saunf’ in common lingo – are an integral part of out diet, especially South-East Asians. Saunf is a delightful ingredient used especially in various delectable South-Asian food items. The plant is related to the parsley family, attributing yellowish flowers and is likely to grow as tall as eight feet.

Fennel exudes a sweet, warm liquorice odor. While formerly originated from Southern Europe, fennel is grown commercially in Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Hungry and Romania.

Fennel is used both as a vegetable as well as a spice.



Each part of the plant – the seeds, leaves, stalks and the bulb – are suitable for eating. It can be chopped into soups and salads or even added in moth-watering stews and delicious sir-fry vegetables. Its leaves with a feathery texture are also conveniently used in various healthy dishes.

The ridged fennel seeds are used as flavoring agents in assorted food items such as breads, bakery products, entrees, vegetable dishes, tomato soups and tomato-based sauces and not to mention, sweet saccharine deserts such as apple pies.

Everything in nature has numerous benefits. Fennel fruit has substantial amount of medicinal value and is often used as a home remedy for many illnesses and health complaints.

Moreover, Fennel seeds when boiled in water are used to feeding infants and children in the form of drops. Theses drops act as digestive carminative and further aid in reducing flatulence, indigestion and colic.

Fennels seeds are also used in preparing tea. Using a few well-crushed pieces of fennel seeds and dissolving them into hot water is helpful in easing a persistent cough. Not just that it also helps in loosening phlegm.

Did you know that fennel seeds are actually used as an agent for lowering your appetite? True it is. Fennel seeds make a healthy constituent of weight-loss programs. Normally, people think that fennel seeds are used to increase appetite, which is a false perception. It has an advantage more beneficial than this pre-conceived notion.

If you often complain of stiff and painful joints, mix crushed fennel seeds in water and form a paste. Use this paste in the affected areas, and notice how rapidly you’ll be relieved.

You would be surprised to know that fennel seeds are greatly effective in providing remedy for insomnia. Fennel seeds, when boiled in water and mixed with milk serves as the best cure for sleeplessness. Not just that, it is very effective for headaches, earaches and gruff voice.

So why wait? Get the amazing benefits from fennel fruit or ‘saunf’ right away!


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