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The naughty forty!

men over forty

Men should not give up on style just because they are over the age of 40. Today, "over 40" is a style and not an age group. Men in their 40s look and act younger than those in previous generations, and his fashion style should be as individual and distinctive as they are. The over 40 men will need to shop for clothes that are appropriate for their lifestyle. If they work in an office, they should find what coordinates that they can put together to look successful and savvy.

Don’t fall for today’s fashion-marketing ploys. By now men should maintain a style that’s timeless, not timely; men should avoid the latest trends at all costs. And the key here is not only avoiding fads, but also recognizing them.

Just because certain looks “make a comeback” doesn’t give men over 40 the license to pull these items back out of their closet. As you well know, more often than not, the past is typically best left in the past.

If you are 40, but feel that you still have an excellent body, do not hide it, but at the same time show it differently, you did it when you were 20 or 30.

If men over 40 really need style help, then they should go to a really good men’s store and try things on to get an idea of what is flattering. The salesperson should be able to provide some good tips.

At some point we must reevaluate, and the fifth decade of living is the perfect time to do just that.


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June 12th, 2010 04:54 AM by Rubab Malik

i agree but the guy in the pic doesn't look stylish :p

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