Beauty Style

A guide, for women to impress him on the first date/meet up. Dress up rules for the desi girls community on their first fiance meet up.

Today we are discussing in this article about home remedies for improving eyesight and removal of glasses.

The ever growing trend of nail art is just amazing. Here are some simple designs for you to get your nail art done in the trendiest way possible.

Tips and techniques that help achieve women the anti-fizz hair. Not only that, the de-fizzing tips make awareness on techniques that help achieve women straight hair at home.

Acne is possibly the worst thing that can happen to any girl or woman. However, there are ways in which makeup can actually help one rid of their acne.

Fashion Central sharing simple and easy beauty tips that will save you a lot of time and money.

Gel nails are the new in thing, everyone wants to try them. Though they can get expensive, with easy DIY you can try this new fashion statement yourself at home.

These 7 hairstyles are the most in demand hairstyles that had been adopted in the past 100 years. It covers the most eminent styles from the 20s till the 90s.

If your job demands you to sit in front of the laptop screen for hours, then your eyes have probably worn out. Renew them with basic and simple tips.

The information is shifted to the awareness of the night dresses which discusses the types of night dresses.

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