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Pakistani Oily Skin Care Tips

Pakistani skin care tips

Everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful skin. There are different kinds of skin like normal, oily and dry ones.

Pakistani dermatologists recommend certain Pakistani skin care tips for oily skin, which are easy and can be useful in our daily lives.

  • For oily skin, Pakistani skin care tips is to do washing with very hot water, harsh soaps or cleansers will not improve existing acne or prevent future flare-ups. In fact, these methods can dry and irritate your skin so badly that you will not be able to use effective acne medications in cream or gel form. Most topical acne medications have a drying effect on oily skin.
  • Another Pakistani skin care tip for oily skin is to use a mild cleanser that cleanses without drying.
  • Oily, skin care tip, Pakistan suggests that do not use any oil-based cosmetics, which will only aggravate oily skin and create further blemishes. Use water-based, non-comedogenic cosmetics.
  • Another Skin Care Tip, Pakistan to follow is that, always remove your makeup before going to bed, but avoid cold creams and lotions, which may leave a greasy film on your skin.
  • Interestingly, oily Skin Care Tip, Pakistan is to watch your diet. Watch your diet. However, it is not chocolate or sweets that you need to watch, some Pakistani doctors believe that an increased consumption of iodine causes acne, and they suggest reduction or elimination of fish and iodised salt.
  • Pakistani doctors have seen a connection between stress and acne for a long time. Even physical tensions, such as colds, allergies, surgery, can trigger breakouts. So, Pakistani skin care tip for oily skin is to stay positive physically and mentally.


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