Shoe shopping!


When it comes to style, do not forget that your shoes are equally being noticed. Shoes can literally make or break your style -- this cannot be stressed enough. If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a trend watch. Just a slight update in your shoes style will do wonders to your look.

With the merging of business casual in the workplace and beyond, there is a fine line between dressy and casual shoes. Many shoes can pass for both dressy and less formal occasions, and can go with everything from chinos and jeans to a suit.

Avoid overly square-toed shoes for it is so not the trend. The new shape is slightly more rounded and less extreme. This is particularly good if you’re on a budget The trend we are seeing especially at the start of this year are perforated designs… courtesy of everyone from Common Projects to Louis Vuitton. Patent materials (think SHINY!) are also very much in and look very cool with more casual shoes this season.

Suede shoes, usually known as something you'd wear in the winter, or wear while camping, are a trend this summer. They will be used mainly for the style factor, as they're becoming the trend.

This summer, we're seeing some brand new trends in summer shoes for both men and boys. The usual shoe styles like sandals are still popular in the heat-filled months, while shoes like slip-ons, suede, and boat shoes are making comebacks.

Staying in style takes time and effort. Knowing what the shoe trend is is usually the last thing on a man's mind whereas it should be top priority!


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