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In order to keep your fingernails polished and consistently glowing, it is necessary that you take good care of them. There are women who prefer going to professional salons for pampering of the nails.

Here are some guidelines for nail care:

If you are thinking about a manicure then look around before you make a commitment.

Check out the salon for nail care and ask yourself the following questions: Is everything clean and for that take a look into the salon’s bathroom, ask the technicians if they are using a new instrument or a sterilized one for fingernails.

This guideline suggests that it is important that you look for adequate air ventilation and air cleaning equipment. For a better nail care, it is necessary that the nail dust is properly removed from the air and not suffocating also. This guideline would help you judge the cleanliness of the saloon.

When doing your manicure, follow the certain guidelines:

  1. This guideline suggests that each client should have a new sterilised set of instrument, because the dirty ones cause infections like nail fungus, Hepatitis B and warts etc.
  2. It is better, if you bring your own set of manicure for safety protection.
  3. According to this guideline, make sure that your technician should wash her hands. Secondly, if you have any minor cuts on your hands, it can make an infection easier to contract.
  4. This guideline states that most people ignore the linens and towels beneath their hands during a manicure, if they do not look clean ask for a replacement.
  5. Similarly, for fingernails protection, see if the soaking bowl and water is clean. The bowl should be sanitised also.
  6. According to this nail care, guideline, ask your technicians to put your cuticle trimmers away as they increase the chances of infection. 
  7. Be your own nail technician and perform the perfect manicure at home.


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