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Eye Care Tips in Summer

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Eye Care Tips in Summer

Posted on Jun 28th, 2012 | Comments (0)
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Eyes are very sensitive and need care, especially in summer. In Pakistan summers are very hot and burning. The heat and grime of summer can bring troubles for your eyes and prone your eyes to many infections. There are many summer related allergies and infections of eyes, so you must be aware to prevent you and your family from these troubles. By following some tips you would be able to prevent the hot summer effects on eyes.

Summer Eye Care Tips:

  1. Sound Sleep

For eye care in summer, first important thing is to take proper, complete and sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours. It will refresh your eyes in a natural way and will comfort the retina.

  1. Avoid UV Rays

An important summer eye care tip is to be aware of the UV rays of sun, which are harmful for the eyes. The sun exposure put you to the direct contact to the UV rays of the sun. UV rays can damage the retina and triggers the other eye problems.

  1. Wear Sun Glasses

To protect your eyes from UV rays wear good sunglasses, it is an easy and simple summer eye care tip. But be sure that the glasses must be UV protective. In summer you found many Pthan sellers hanging glasses on a board. They may be attracting you by their beautiful designs. But the design or the style may not protect your eyes from summer damaging UV rays. Always purchase UV protective sunglasses.

  1. Avoid Cool Air Directing Into Eyes

While sitting in an air conditioned room makes sure that the cool air is not directly coming to your eyes. The cool air of air condition may cause dryness and sensitivity.

  1. Protect Eyes While Driving

While driving car or motorcycle make sure that you are wearing the sunglasses, people thinks that in a car or vehicle they don’t need glasses it is wrong. The glass windows of cars don’t protect your eyes from the UV rays.

  1. Protect Eyes While Swimming

People like swimming in summer, the water of swimming pools or the rivers and streams may have certain elements that would be harmful for the eyes. As summer eye care tip you must develop a habit of wearing goggles in the water to prevent your eyes.

  1. Use Lubricating Drops

Another summer eye care tip is to keep lubricating drops with you. In summer eyes turn dries, to handle this use lubricating drops freely it will sooths your eyes and give comfort them in summer.

  1. Intake Vitamin A

Vitamin A is really good for the eyes. This summer make sure that you are taking appropriate quantity of it. Instead to have vitamin A in tablet and artificial form prefer to take it in natural form. The natural sources of vitamin A are green vegetables, yellow fruits, carrots and nuts.

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