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How to Select Best Outfit for this Eid

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How to Select Best Outfit for this Eid

Posted on Nov 8th, 2011 | Comments (0)
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Eid ul Azha and arrival of winters have produced a shopping craze. Everyone’s is found seeking for Eid outfit- The best Pakistani Eid dress. To cater this craze most of Pakistani designers are exhibiting their Eid outfit collection.

Zahra Ahmad’s “Queen of Hearts” Eid outfits:

Fashion designer Zahra Ahmad has showcased her Pakistani Eid dresses Collection for 2011 with the name “Queen of Hearts”. Zahra pays a tribute to Diana by giving her Pakistani Eid dresses collection the name of “Queen of Hearts” Her best Pakistani outfits for this Eid portray a  royal, elegant and stylish impact. How about choosing the perfect and the best Pakistani outfit from Zahra’s this time??

Aisha Khurram’s Pakistani Eid dresses:

Aisha Khurram is an award winning Pakistani fashion designer. Her Peculiarity is the uniqueness of her cuts amplifying the alluring effect of embroidary patterns. This time, She has presented a lot of best Pakistani Eid dresses by choosing newest and modern embroidery patterns. Lucky those who are embroidery lovers. Selecting Eid outfit is no more a problem!

Fahad Hussayn’s “Watan Collection” of Eid dresses:

Fahad Hussayn goes patriotic this time and chooses the cultural depiction as his major while designing exclusive and the best Pakistani outfits. His Pakistani eid dresses are a blend of bright colours speaking the stories of prevalent culture of Pakistan. Its time to think Pakistani and wear Pakistani on this Eid!! So we recommend everyone to select the best Pakistani outfit this Eid!

Threads and Motifs Eid Outfits:

Threads and Motifs is a brand who focus the embroided exclusives. As always, they have come up with the most delicate, the most new and the most intricate embroidery patterns as their Pakistani Eid dresses collection. Embroidery is something that never loses charm and therefore loved by almost every woman. Some like geometric patterns while others go for floral and eastern patterns. Threads and motifs offers them both. So its time to solve the problem of choosing the best Pakistani outfit for this Eid.

“Preeto” by Abrar ul Haq - Traditional Eid Outfits:

Be it songs or Eid dresses, Abrar ul Haq always portrays a true Pakistani image. His new designer outlet “Preeto” highlights the traditional impact. A perfect choice for the women who idealise Preeto, Guddo, Billo, kind of Pakistani women for their traditional impact. Abrar’s dresses have added a modernity and novalty to this impact. Thus selecting Eid outfits is not going to remain a problem!

Pakistani Eid dresses by Al Karam:

Al Karam is the top listed name of textile industry and an exclusive fashion house. Their peculiarity and their trade mark is the fabric. This Eid, They bring in the best Pakistani outfits in the markets. Their winter and Eid dresses collection includes khaddar, embroided khaddar, Jamawar, resham linen with prints and embroidery.

Fashion Central hopes your problem of how to select the best Pakistani outfit for this Eid would no longer sustain!

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