Lawn mania is back with summers

Salwar Kameez, Pakistani Womens Wearlawn

In summer time when the heat is unbearable and the sun is scorching the only thing Pakistani women need is to wear very comfy clothes and go around the city without much difficulty and discomfort.

Lawn is one thing that has been and will always be the best thing to happen to women in this region of the world for the heat is so mush, lawn is airy and helps sweat less in the unbearable high temperature.

Lawn prints are very famous and they take the shops in Pakistan by storm. The price of a 3 piece lawn suit varies in every shop and locality from mere 200 rupees the price can go up to even 4000 rupees.

Lawn prints are usually influenced by spring hence there is a lot of floral and colorful themes in the prints.
Lawn dresses are easy to wear, wash and maintain due to which they are so popular among the women in Pakistan. Lawn is so comfortable that even the men in Pakistan like to wear it in the time of summer and go about there business in lawn kurta salwars.



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June 28th, 2010 08:43 AM by Zahra Habib

please update with new fashion..

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