Cosmetic Brands in Pakistan


The cosmetic brands in Pakistan are providing quality product ranges to the masses. The cosmetic brands are famous for their beautiful color cosmetics.

Pakistan has emerged as a huge market for cosmetic brands, both national and international over the past two decades. A number of renowned international cosmetic brands have launched their product ranges in Pakistan. They surely are having a healthy competition in Pakistan. They not only have opened up their outlets but also have contributed a lot in creating awareness about the use and care of cosmetic products in Pakistan.

Having known the market demand, a couple of national cosmetic brands in Pakistan have incorporated and are doing a wonderful job against the international ones. They are catering the Pakistani market in particular, but are also selling their products abroad as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the well-known cosmetic brands in Pakistan and their famous products:

  • Odho Cosmetics is the most famous cosmetic brand among the national cosmetic brands
    in Pakistan. It has been operating in Pakistan for quite some time now and it has made its place in the market. They are known for using Islamically allowed (Halal) ingredients in their products and are offering a wide range of color cosmetics, out of which the most popular are their blush-on and eye shadow kits having a number of shades.
  • Luscious Cosmetics has entered the Pakistani market lately and has gained a lot of admiration from the masses for their excellent products. They did huge advertising in the beginning and attracted the masses at once. They are mainly famous for the shimmer blush-on range.
  • Revlon is one of the oldest cosmetic brands in Pakistan. It is operational since decades and is highly admired for the eye-catching shades of their lip sticks and nail polishes.
  • The Body Shop is another cosmetic brand that has been there for quite some time now. They have their own outlets and offer outstanding cosmetic care products. Along with the others, their famous products are body scrubs and hair care products.
  • Sweet Touch is also offering a wide range of color cosmetics in Pakistan. They are mainly famous for the beautiful nail-polishes that they offer. They have a wide range of colors in nail-polishes that have attracted the young girls in particular.
  • L’Oreal is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world and has gained an equal admiration in Pakistan as well. They have officially launched themselves in Pakistan and are offering a wide range of products, out of which the most famous are their lip-glosses that have beaten all others in the market.

These are just to name a few cosmetic brands in Pakistan; however, the markets are loaded with different cosmetic brands that are giving an equal competition to all others with the good quality products and outstanding product ranges.


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