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Look Stylish This Summer by Personalizing a Style Tip

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Look Stylish This Summer by Personalizing a Style Tip

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2012 | Comments (0)
Beauty Tips, Fashion Accessories

Each new season brings in a lot of new style and fashion trends. Each one of us has our own personal style statement in which we just make a few adjustments to fit according to the latest style tip of the season. Here are a few ideas on how to look stylish this summer by personalizing the current fashion trends with a style tip.

Hair Wear

In order to look stylish this summer, opt for nothing that is over the top for your hair. Say goodbye to your hair straighteners, hair gels etc and leave your hair simply natural. The ideal style tip for hair trends is just to add a flower in your hair in any of your favorite color, may it be real or artificial and look stylish this summer.

A White Dress and a Top

To look stylish this summer, a white dress or a feminine white blouse is a must have in your wardrobe. You can flaunt this style tip by accessorizing your white dress or a blouse with colorful hats, sun glasses and various jewelry pieces.

Costume Jewelry

For adding a more drama and to look stylish this summer, costumer jewelry is a big hit. It adds a dramatic color and glamour to your look and you can twist this style tip according to your own love for different costume jewelry piece like by wearing chunky bracelets or a simply a bug colorful necklace, rings etc.


The list of how to look stylish this summer will be totally incomplete if we don’t mention the wedges. In style tip for shoe wear this summer, wedges are the ultimate picks. Fresh colors, flowing straps, sex appeal with the wedges is irresistible to look stylish this summer.

Beach Bag

Lastly, to give finishing touch to your personality to look stylish this summer, don’t forget to carry a stylish a funky beach bag. Fresh and vibrant jute bags in colors of bright blues, fuchsia, mango yellow, burnt orange etc with a little scarf tied on side is a great style tip for an ideal summer look.

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