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Choosing the perfect Eye shadow

perfect eye shadows

They say, eyes are the reflection of your soul and to make your outer reflection beautiful, eye shadows play an important role. It varies from bigger, smaller, wider or close-set of eyes. Choose the perfect eye shadow application for your eyes.

First of all apply foundation on your eyes for giving a smooth base, as it also prevents eye shadows from pleating and make it last longer. Once the base is on the eyelid, select your colours and first of all apply the lighter shade. Then apply the medium shape for deeper look and then the darkest shade for making your eyes big and beautiful.

Perfect eyeshade for small eyes is in light colours whereas the dark colour would make them smaller. Apply the dark shadows a bit in the outer corners of your eyes.

Similarly, if you have a deep set of eyes then give them prominent applying of light or medium eye shadow from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer one. 

To make your eyes smoky, the perfect eye shadow begins with neutral colours. Start with lining both top and bottom lids with a black eye liner. Mark the liner carefully in the outer corners and apply eye shadow over your eyeliner to soften the look. To finish the smoky eyes makeup, apply the eye shadow all over your eyelids and apply mascara

For wide-set eyes, one should focus on inner corners by using eye shadows on the inner areas, use dark eye shadows on the inner corner and lighter eye shadows on the outer sides.

For brown eyes, select, the light shades of brown and hazel according to your skin tone and it will create a huge difference in your look and can really emphasize your brown eyes.

For a perfect eye makeup of green eyes, first of all see your eye colour. Different eye shadows of brown, deep purples, plums, lilacs, and dark greens are the great choice for green eyes. One can also select three shades in the same colour. Apply the lightest colour on the brow bone, the medium shade on the lid and the deepest colour in the crease.

For blue eyes, it is better to choose shades that will contrast with your natural eye colour.


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