Beauty Style

Fashion shows this year offered up a whole host of fabulous fashion ideas, with deep floral hues

The most effective formula to combat these signs of aging is through the Revitalift regime created by L'Oreal Paris.

As the summer approaches the bridal dress trends changes, so here are top 5 trends in bridal wear spring summer 2015 every one should know.

Studio C by Cistres Salon, is a beauty salon based in Karachi specifically famous for their hairstyle and makeup.

Whether you’re fair and blond or have a medium to dark complexion, they really are universally flattering

The three shades in the collection include Golden Chestnut Brown, Golden Light Brown and Chocolate Brown

This treatment lets women indulge in the first mani-pedi makeover range that delivers the highest efficacy in an extremely sensual spa experience.

One of the most common problems related to the post pregnancy period is stretch marks. Here are some tips to get rid of stretch marks and get your smooth, spotless skin back.

The one thing particular quality that these three ladies have in common is a desire to provide effective and efficient salon services in a client centric environment.

Your eyebrows give balance to your eyes and are the first thing anyone notices when they look at you