Beauty Style

Coffee usage brings many benefits to human body, mind and health with its effective antioxidants that helps eliminating scars and toxins.

Mehndi designs are popular in every age group of women. Especially the occasion like wedding allows them to apply different yet eye catchy Mehndi designs.

Want to improve your beauty sleep? Here are few tips to help you get sound sleep.

Nail paleness is the universal problem faced by many girls, usually believing that the reason is the excessive use of nail polish.

Smooth and silky hairs are the demand of any girl, what we see in commercials is bit unrealistic but our Pakistani actresses have beautiful hair in real.

30 Pro magical makeup techniques you have never came across.

Here we will guide you how to look stunning with few simple makeup products.

Yoga release stress and make you your skin glow. Following are 5 yoga steps to do everyday to have pretty skin.

After the success of City of Garden’s at Lakme Fashion Week, India, Zara Shahjahan showcased her brand’s bridal collection, ‘A Folk Tale’ on 1st October 2014 at PLBW 2014.

Pale teeth put bad impression on your personality and you could not laugh with confidence with pale color.